April 13, 2006

Happy New Year!

In between my flurry of last minute activities (taxes, packing, cooking), I managed to catch a preview of the special programmes on Sun TV for Tamil New Year's day - interview with Shobana Ravi, Surya and Jo, Vikram, Friends and Kadhal movies and I am going to miss it all, sitting at work, working with Ajax (no not the cleaning stuff, the javascript stuff) :(

These are the days, I really want to be back home with family, eating mysore pakh and watching Surya fill the screen with his charm. Last time, I made a fuss, recorded the whole programme (I actually came back home for lunch to switch the video cassette) but never watched it. I remember that K.R.Vijaya was saying something that sounded highly profound on the TV. For the whole week, k kept pointing to the three unwatched video cassettes lying by the corner and snickering. In my defense, it's just not that much fun to watch a recorded show. I want to catch the programmes, live (ok, I know it's live in India and I get the recorded programme here, but that's live enough for me), Ratna stores and Aachi masala advertisements and all!

I know I am going to be distracted at work tomorrow.


Anyway, plan to write about the Cleveland Tyagaraja Aradhana once I get back. Till then, இனிய புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்துக்கள் (Wish you a very Happy New Year)!


kamal said...

இனிய புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்துக்கள் :)

See, I can write Tamil now :) Ok, that was copy - paste job :)

Maybe you should get a Tivo or a DVR and that might make it live enough for you, you won't have to change any VHS tapes.

I am so glad I missed all those programs and that we dont have Tivo :) .. jus kidding :)

Karthik S said...

so saddd.. btw don't u have a day off tomorrow for Good Friday ? Or velaila bayangara padam podariya ?

thennavan said...

2 U 2 and reg. the Cleveland trip, that is what I figured might be the purpose when I saw the mention of the city in that post :-).

sb said...

small correction, it is not Shobana Ravi, Shobana Ravi is a news reader. this is Shobana, the actress/dancer. :-)
I am watching it now. :-)))

Hellboy said...

wish you all a very happy new year too :)

RS said...

kamal - we all know you can write tamil ;) Next year, we will NOT miss those programmes!

karthik - For a change no scene, nejamave vela iruku :)

thennavan - yup, detailed post follows :)

Sb - oops and grrr...

hellboy - :)

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