April 26, 2006

Shall we dance?

We all know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so I wonder what the way to a woman's heart is (yes, even I don't know the answer)...I can take a reasonable guess though, I think it's just words. Yup, that's got to be it. The way to a woman's heart is through words.

And not commonplace, lifeless, cliched words, I mean romantic, dangerous, whimsical words, the kind that plays with danger, that caress you, that sing you a lullaby, that slap you, that shock you, that suffocate you with their strong embrace - words that speak to you, words that emote. Yup, see, simple as that.

Say the right words to me and it's like I have music in my head and there's nothing I can do but dance with them, hand in hand, swaying to the rhythm...the kind that echo in my head, that I repeat to myself wonderingly when I am alone with my fancies...

Probably the reason why a well-written book delights, or a well-written script touches our hearts...

Oh and I wrote another story. What?! You haven't even gone past the first paragraph? Shame on you!

So, that's my random post for today. For some reason am reminded of a line that aarti had quoted sometime back from the book, "The Kite Runner" (powerful book, that) - For you, a thousand times over..., and once again, am swept off my feet, by nothing more than just words.


Saranya Kishore said...

>>What?! You haven't even gone past the first paragraph?

LOL! :) How did you _know_?!! :))

You may be right about the *words*.

Zeppelin said...

ever listened to the song "Words" by Boyzone ?? used to be one of my favs... :)

RS said...

saranya - See, I know! :)

arun - Yup, mine too. One guy actually sang it as a kind of proposal to his girl friend at bits :)

Bipolar Buddha said...

The way to a girl's heart is through... words? Not music? So all the years of effort I've put into learning to sing, play the piano, guitar, veena, etc., will get me nowhere with the ladies? :-(

On the subject of romantic songs, what about the song "All I ask of you..." from "The Phantom of the Opera"... and the Tamil song "Ennavo, ennavo" from the film "PriyamaanavaLe" (starring Vijay and Simran)? I really liked that song - cute lyrics, nice melody too... then there's the songs "Thoda thoda malarndhadhenna..." from the film "Indhira"... "Nilaave vaa..." from "Mouna Raagam" (beautiful film, too)... "Anjali, Anjali, Pushpaanjali"... from "Duet"... Oh I could go on and on, couldn't I...

RS said...

bipolar buddha (curious name :),

If you really can play all these instruments, you got it made dude, words will be like icing on the cake then :)

Those are a bunch of sweet songs, am gonna listen to all of them now!

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