April 10, 2006

In Drama, we thrive!

A few of the people that I know well, tell me that I thrive on drama. They claim that I exaggerate, emphasize, gesture wildly, roll my eyes, raise my voice and do all those things that that would constitute what we call, "being dramatic". The rest of the people that I know well probably didn't think so or did not go through the painful exercise of trying to categorize me!

In any case, at this point, I should stand up, hold the mike close to me, take a meaningful pause, throw an intelligent look at the audience and declare, "I so am not dramatic!".

But the little person within me, the guy we like to call our conscience, holds a tiny index finger and mouths,

"Lying is veeery bad."

"Its not a lie. I am merely decorating the truth, maybe personalizing it a bit!"

"Veeeeryyyyy bad."

Darn. Ok. So, I can't declare and all that. I'll just admit that I do tend to dramatize a bit.

(Defensive tone) So what? To me, little events in my life, like

  • What lazy-blogger-in-rainy-city commented on my short-story blog,

  • What k said after he ate my made-from-scratch-gulab-jamoon (well, scratch as in, the from the powder thingie that comes in that nice little sachet with the nice pictures of round, golden brown gulab jamoons in them. Mine came out kind of amoeba shaped and darkish brown, nevertheless...), and in case you're curious, he said, "Why is this black and bloated? Anyway, it tastes awesome!"

  • What the guy in the stiff, starched blue suit on sun TV said about the latest Tamil movie in the Top 10 count down,

  • How the waiter in the new Indian restaurant in our block, seemed so restless when he served us (he made me restless too!),

  • What my mom-in-law said about my rotis (No, you are wrong, she said, "Good job!")

  • Important questions like: Would k marry the horrible lady in Parent Trap (such a cute movie!) - you know the one who tries to lure Dennis Quaid away from his daughters - if that was the only thing that he could do to save my life? (Hypothetical situations are very important to me. We have gone over this recently).

  • Relationship discussions (You did not tell me that you got your H1-B visa extended but you told her first! Maybe we are getting too familiar with each other, are we taking us for granted? and so on!)

These are all very important to me. I like to dwell, dramatize, deduce and drown in the trivialities of my life. So, to all the people who know me well who claim that I dramatize, here's my reply,


(Notice how cleverly I respond, with neither a yes or a no, but a simple, witty, "Ha!"?)

Gosh, I never realized I could write so much nonsense (after-effects of "Can you keep a secret?", I guess!) and be so smug about it. It's a cool feeling, you should try it too!


Saranya Kishore said...

I enjoy dramatizing things too. Life is after all boring if nothing were dramatic ;)

BUS said...

At least you accept now that you are a Drama Queen :)

Gayatri said...

I am sure all men say that about all interesting women :-) It's part of our genes and I think it's what makes us SOO much more interesting than men!!

Kumari said...

I so understand what you feel :D
I very much wanted to buy the T-shirt, that says'Drama Queen' but decided not to a the last moment :)

And yes, Sophie KInsella's books kind of leave an impression that lasts too long. In a funny way. Like after reading the shopaholic series, my last piece for the workshop was in a similar style :)

But it's good to be dramatic. Adds spice to life :)

RT said...

and when u say not-made-from-scratch it is - the round brown balls that come in tins, drowned in sugar syrup which can just be taken and served rite??? :-)))

Anupama Viswanathan said...

Yeah right..the best thing about your post is you realise the truth in the end! (that you could fill up an entire post this way! :D)..May be I should try it out too..:)

dinesh said...

Brought a smile to my face :)

I didn't think you were a "dramatic" person..but when it came to LTCA organizing efforts, to you, little things were always a little bigger (and to me they were a little smaller). And even with other things, never thought of you as somebody thaht dramatized it that much. I am not trying to say you're extremely sane and practical etc or anything ! :)..just that you're not thaht dramatic from where I could see it.

RS said...

saranya - amen :)

bus - lazy-blogger-in-rainy-city decided to comment! :)

gg - :) Read your blog, nice space you have there!

kumari - I would be tempted to buy the tshirt too if not for the fact that it reminds me too much of Lindsay Logan :)

Gosh, I finished the entire shopaholic series and can you keep a secret! Her books put me in a light-headed, trivial, girly kind of mood :)

rt - Hey! No way, I made my blobs from scratch! Honest :)

anupama - do try! :)

dinesh - thanks for the vote of support (I think?), yeah, I like to appear logical and practical and all, but once in a while, let my hear down and kinda lose it, thats fun too :) I think you have seen both sides of me, more the former than the latter I guess!

Parth said...

I'll take the write nonsense and sounding cool advise. I need to do some for my blog to survive :-)

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