December 15, 2005


When God made me, he must have put an artistic finger to the tip of his aristocratic chin and said, "Let's see...what shall I do different now? Oh yes, let me make her just a wee bit more awkward than the rest!" Now am sure God would have used a more mature-sounding-word than wee but we'll be satisfied with wee for now.

Anyway, God then happily went on to make other human beings who now have their own problems to deal with. But, we shall not get distracted. We shall dwell on the wee bit that God decided to bestow on me! You see, normally, I do a pretty good job of camouflaging this wee-bit that lives within me, let's call it "wee-me" for the sake of simplicity. So, wee-me normally is happy being in a placid, dormant, vacant kind of state - you know what I mean? (Kinda' like guys responding to questions on philosophy and life when NBA is on TV) And then suddenly, especially in a crowd of people (especially at work), wee-me pops up all happy and cheerful and I become this ghastly, awkward being that am embarassed to associate with. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration but do you know what I mean? (Please say yes!)

And then a strange phenomemon takes place. I run out of things to say - intelligent rejoinders, funny jokes, lukewarm assents...nothing! I just stare and look dumb and its as if they are talking in a language that I cannot understand. I mean, come on girl, say something...anything (like that episode in Friends where Ross's mind talks to him and then he ends up saying something really stupid) - in my case, I just wish I could say something stupid.

Anyway, if I could, I would run back to the day that God stood tapping his chin and I would have put forth a strong case to make me a wee bit more say, artistic, beautiful, funny? :) (Now that's an interesting thought - me making a case for making me, even before "me" was created - that's it, that's got to be the stupidest thing that someone ever wrote on the www) But then, if I had that kind of power, I would have probably asked to be a boy ;)

Seriously, this post is so absurd, am surprised you read through it fully, thanks :)


IBH said...

i thot ur future posts wuld clarify my confused-mind !but it is getting more confusing :)...i guess now i wuld ask that chin-tapping-god to make my brain a wee bit more intelligent than what he gave me on that fatal day :) when he stood scratching his head while tapping his right part of the chin with his left hand ;)

lol at ur last line..:)now that is clear :)

Brat said...

hurray !!! i read through the post ..

there are 100 things that I can ask God put in the similar situation. But will it make me happier, is the question???

Anonymous said...

God is Great.

Zeppelin said...

as i was reading through...right before i reached the end ..i was thinking how can you go to that moment and ask GOD to create you differently when you did not even exist.. but then as I read the next line, there it was... but OBVIOUSLY put in better english with a choice of better words.. :)

also thinking that GOD could have made you more creative, more funny, more whatever... but did u ever try to be more creative or more funny or more of whatever that is that you wanna be ?

me thinks GOD just gives you an "empty" brain (sorta like when you buy a new computer, you have an empty HDD).. and it is upto you, me, everybody, us put what we think we need to.... and we sometimes feel what we put in there is not what we 'need'... but what we 'want'... ??

makes sense ?? :)

RS said...

ibh - I have been waiting for my confusions to clear up for 26 years :)

brat - Interesting question :)

phil - yes...sigh, made me think more confusing thoughts now... :)

Zeppelin said...

@ rs,


s0ulasylum said...

My sentiments exactly..:) Ever been to an "intellectual meeting" like say a research meeting or something and you have no freakin' clue of what they are talking about... and you start rambling in the hope that somewhere along the way you either start making sense or the listener turns deaf..!

Prabu Karthik said...

post la neraya 'wee' irukku, neraya 'me' irukku..

hmm. mathabadi idhellam koncham too much a therila? :)

BUS said...

i also dont know y i read it fully...

Sridhar said...

me thinks GOD just gives you an "empty" brain ... and it is upto you, me, everybody, us put what we think we need to.... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

never thot that you wud express your animosity towards rs so blatantly; and i see k giggling from behind your shoulder silently.

what made you to think that god gave "empty brain" to rs? what made you to think that you & others together put things in rs' mind?

came to this blog bit late. but better late than never.

narayana! narayana! narayana!


ak said...

neeyum ippdi dhana.. cha... pasu thol pothiya puliya nee ?? edhir paakave illa..


RS said...

s0ulasylum : exactly :)

p~k: :)

bus - dei!

sridhar: err...I doubt arun meant that...but you seem to mean that! :)
Do you know Arun?

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