December 07, 2005


Today I did something stupid. Dont start smirking and acting all smart now. No, I dont so stupid things everyday. Anyway, we had this demo to show to our boss's boss's boss' know how that goes. Until half an hour before the demo, everything was hunky-dory and working as best as it could. Then I had this cool idea. Why don't I restart the server just to you know, clear things up, start afresh, just before the demo. And that's exactly what I did. Restart the server.

Only, the server did not restart. It said, "Publishing failed". This message confused me as much as it does you now. What publishing? I was just restarting, what are you talking about? So, I laughed a little laugh to myself, in an attempt to act all cool and professional (although there was no one around but me to notice that), and I closed my editor and every other window that was open. Clean slate. That's the key. Start with a clean slate and everything will fall into place.

In your dreams! I tried to launch my development environment and start the server and a different error popped up this time, "Unknown errors, no server found!".



How can you not find a server, you dumb machine? The server was there, alive and kicking a minute ago! And then k walks along breezily, quite a contrast to my state - nervous, cold hands, almost sweating (and like Veronica Lodge says, I never sweat, maybe I glow a bit :)) and says, "Problem? Why don't you try to delete the server and install a new one?"

I don't like people suggesting silly stuff to me when am in a deep soup. Firstly, it's based on the assumption that I am dumb and did not try the silly, simple stuff first. Secondly, it just wastes time because I have to understand what the person is saying, get annoyed, snarl all the while thinking of a solution to my original problem. Anyway, before I could snarl, another colleague walked along and now it became a kind of show - "Server is broke, lets all watch!"

To cut a long story short, before I broke out into hyperventilations, the server decided to chug back to life.

...and then people tell me, "It's just a demo, stop stressing about it!"


Shiva said...

hey RS..

I dont so stupid things everyday

well, didnt u just say a couple of days back

"You know, atleast I am single and don't have kids and all..."

it happens :) blame it on the server..

jus kidding

Saranya Kishore said...

...and then people tell me, "It's just a demo, stop stressing about it!"

--Exactly! my thoughts! :)

RS said...

shiva - Yeah, yeah, laugh at my expense :)

saranya - thank you! Glad to have company!

billq said...

There is also the part about how the boss's boss's boss was packing bags and putting on a coat as we were wrapping up ... very much a "just in the nick of time" essence to the whole ordeal! And, it worked perfectly (good job).

RS said...

bill - Thanks, glad you dropped by here :)

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