December 19, 2005


Quality time spent watching a movie. Twice. After a long time. And a Hindi movie at that ;)

First a mention about the music that embraces the movie throughout, perfectly complementing the moods and emotions portrayed - an excellent job by Shantanu Moitra. It's hard for me to pick a favourite song, each excels in its scope, creating the right effect.

Piya Bole - endearing...touching. Surprising how the characters of Lolita and Shekhar and how they depend, relate to each other - as friends, as something more...becomes evident through just one song.

Kasto Mazza - I love the little chorus that the children sing while waving from the train...a song about beauty that only love can create.

Soona Man Ka Aangan - hurt and love that causes it - powerful.

Kaisi Paheli - Dazzling performance by Rekha - a glimse into the exotic world of the rich and glamorous!

Raat Hamari Toh - A woman in love, scorned by her lover - beautiful even when teary-eyed - haunting!

Hui Main Parineeta - Mesmerizing. The essence of a wife, parineeta. The scene that precedes this song is my favourite scene in the movie. His possessiveness, her tears, the magic of the day and they all come together in a beautifully picturized moment...

Music, the notes played on the piano that brought them together is the one place Shekhar takes refuge in when he fears he has lost his love - the angst, the pathos, the raw energy that he manages to convey through music creates a connection that words would have failed to convey.

Excellent performances by Saif Ali Khan (he just keeps getting better!) and Sanjay Dutt but ofcourse, our show-stealer is Ms.Vidya Balan, stealing many a hearts with her grace.

Enough said. Watch the movie!


IBH said...

right on RS :) I had the same feeling when i watched Parineeta...i have never felt this good after watching a movie....and hindi that too...since i dont understand hindi much...:)

Piya Bole , i guess will be stuck in mind forever...

u have reviewed the music very eloquently ...:) which my review lacked :) am going to listen to Piya bole again:)

TJ said...

Parineeta - VidyaBalan all the way!! :)
- Agila ulaga, Vidyabalan rasigar mandram Amerikka kanda podhu cheyalalar.

Parth said...

Aren't you about 6 months late? :-)

Zeppelin said...

neeyuma ? i watched parineeta couple times - friday and saturday... :) the movie and the music, hurt and soothe at the same time..

me totally in love with 'vidu' kutty...:)

RS said...

ibh - Piya Bole is amazing! Have to read your review now :)

tj - you are not the only one :)

parth - sigh...I have to catch up on these things :)

arun - you and the world :)

dinesh said...

Nice ! Makes me want to see the movie now.

One thing I noted: Just see the contrasting styles of your song reviews and mine !! Yours is all feelings-emotions and all that, mine is all instruments-singers etc ! Gj buddy !

An Idiot... said...

I did like the movie for the music, and I did see it twice like most ppl...I would say it is very well made movie with absolute ridiculous picturization. From the beginning till just before the end the crew had taken this Hindi movie to a different level of excellence and then they dropped it dead down during the last few minutes....!!!!

Sriram C S said...

Loved the movie. I knew I would love this movie when I saw the Bengali backdrop. I think there is quite a chance of me getting vakkapattufied in a Bengali family!!! :P

RS said...

dinesh - Just because I dont have sangeetha gnyanam, you shouldnt have said this :( :p boy, I agree, last 15 minutes were unnecessary :)

sriram c.s, that should be interesting!

dinesh said...


That wasn't my point. My point was "intersting to see the same review in contrasting styles" with instruments and other with emotions !

Divya said...

hey in soona man ka aangan - theres this bit which goes " phool phool bhawra dole"... its from a bengali song i think . very hummable tune. It comes in Ray's Charulata also.

RS said...

divya - very pleasant melody, I love that line :)

Anonymous said...

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