December 22, 2005


I am a list person. I like to make lists. Nice little lists - todo lists, grocery lists, why-I-hate-you lists (aww, come on, I don't mean you!), what-should-I-do-with-my-life lists. I also like to make resolutions. I don't mean lofty, unrealistic resolutions like "I am going to be a better person from today", "I will become more beautiful from today" - those are just downright silly.

I mean achievable, realistic resolutions like:

  • "I shall not check email for the next three hours."

  • "Even if I do, I shall not reply to any of them."

  • "Unless they are addressed just to me."

There. A nice set of realistic resolutions. That was just an example, they are not really my resolutions. What? You don't believe me? OK, just to set the record straight, here goes a list that I am working on since New Year is almost here.

  • Exercise regularly, atleast three times a week.

  • --Unless I am sick or very sick. In which case, noone can force me to carry over the backlogged exercise hours. And unless the weather is bad - bad weather puts me in a bad mood and I really dont want to go the gym with a drooping face and upset people there - yes, am all for 'good karma' :)
  • Learn to play the keyboard or learn to dance.

  • --If I can find a good teacher and still afford the class.
  • Improve housekeeping skills.

  • --Provided k also improves accordingly.
  • Lower expectations - don't be demanding on your friends.

  • --Provided they understand that mostly I don't expect much and even when I do, I make very reasonable demands!
  • Read more, read different books - ok, no disclaimers here, I plan to do this. No, I am absolutely not hinting that I am any less serious about my other resolutions. Just that this one is close to my heart :)

  • Remember to call in-laws every weekend.

  • --Unless I sleep really late the previous night. Am sure they don't want me to wake up early to call them and then fall sick :(
  • Transition gracefully into this phase of life, face growing "old" with a cheerful face.

  • --Yeah, yeah, all the same, there's nothing great about turning 27. No, I will absolutely not have a birthday party. You are not invited.
  • Don't make stupid resolutions.

  • --Unless I really want to. In which case, I shall consult this post to help me decide.

There. Nicely done. Will post my updated list in a couple of weeks. Gosh, am proud of myself - all organized and focused in life. Are you? :)


Planck said...

Lolz! Im really focussed!!!

(Oh Sneha can't you stop lying!!)

kamal said...

Good funny post ! :)

I am not making any lists/resolutions this year :) or any other year !

Life changes in a second ? :)

BUS said...

no comments :)

Prabu Karthik said...

>>I am not making any lists/resolutions this year :) or any other year !

K paaru evlo simple a sollitaar.
eluthaalar ramya takes a post to say the same:D

Priyamvada_K said...

LOL@the caveats for each clause.

Btw, 27 is old?!! :(


RS said...

sneha - ah, so I am not the only one...:)

kamal -, see, now you are making me think!

bus - for a change ;) ?

p~k - seriously, naanum inime one liners thaan :)

priyamvada - nah! I changed my mind! As Mark Twain said, "age is mind over matter, if we mind, it matters" (thanks arun ;))

Zeppelin said...

yeah right..:) Whatever !! :)

dinesh said...

"Provided they understand that mostly I don't expect much and even when I do, I make very reasonable demands!"

Gimme a break ! :)

RS said...

dinesh - {mock-anger} You've helped me delete an entry from my list of friends! Thanks!{/mock-anger}

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