October 02, 2005

Short Story and Set of Seven Tags answered - Whew!

Feeble attempt at answering RTD2's and Senthil's tag - my short story in 55 words - The Wish!

And before the story, here's the list of people I tag (whom I fear will not read this post till the end - I don't blame 'em :))
I tag:
Lakshman (L) for the less-than-55-word short story...


for the seven's list (sorry, you have to read below for details)! Good luck answering 'em folks - too bad, you guys can't blame anything on jetlag :)

* * *
And here's my 55 word short story.
* * *

Another such feeble attempt - my response to Agnibarathi's tag!

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. Visit Srirangam - for Sri Ranganathar and Andal
2. Visit Guruvayurapan Kovil, Kanyakumari, Singapore
3. Improve my Tamil writing and reading skills!
4. Learn to play the keyboard
5. Write a book (that people will read :))
6. Learn atleast one style of dance (quite an aragorai now - bharatanatyam, swing and samba!)
7. Learn to swim (another aragorai area - can float and if lucky can manage a few butterfly strokes)

Seven things you can do (or am doing or have done!):

1. Cook edible food
2. Being independent (more work needed but getting there)
3. Yoga (just wait another week!)
4. Read regularly
5. Go to India atleast once a year (or for good :))
6. Keep myself mentally active, involved in something meaningful, useful, charitable...
7. Visited Kerala!

Seven things you say most:

1. Naan enna solla vandenna... (What I was going to say is...)
2. Chumma (Jus' like that)
3. What's up?
4. That's why I said... (mainly to k :))
5. Nariya vela iruku (have lotsa work to do)
6. Krishna...
7. Do you understand what am saying?

Seven things you can't do:

1. Bungee jumping
2. Sky diving
3. Staying silent (for a long time - Really! I like to talk :))
4. Saying no without making it awkward or uncomfortable
5. Bear a grudge silently (I usually confront the person)
6. Cook phulka rotis :))
7. Be the perfect homely wife!

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:

1. Humor, ability to enjoy small things and laugh easily...(manam vittu sirikardu)
2. Talent
3. Raw Energy
4. *Good looks and a healthy build (I mean let's be reasonable here!)
5. Flexibility - No must-haves, cannot-dos...
6. Eyes (difficult to describe - need a post for this!)
7. Good English!

Seven celebrity crushes:

2. Jonty Rhodes
3. Vijay
4. Brad Pitt
5. Surya (in Gajini!)
6. Aftab Shivdasani (in the cadburys ad!)
7. Karthik (in Mouna Ragam), Arvind Swamy in Dalapati

And if any of these seem vague or silly to you, I blame it squarely on jet lag!


BUS said...

Thank God u didnt tag me for the story thing or it wld have taken 7 janmams for me to come up with an answer to that...

also, as usual i only sort of understood the story

Sriram C S said...

Welcome back! Congratulations and wishes! Interesting list...I loved 4. That's why I said... (mainly to k :)) I guess if you keep doing that this thing might go off the list - 7. Be the perfect homely wife!

Subha said...

What's that "Good lucks and healthy build"??! I mean I don't understand their pairing together..

Sriram C S said...

@Subha - Typo! Its good looks and healthy build!! :)
@RS - Sorry for being athigaprasangi and answering!! I actually popped in to ask for wedding photos - seven of them perhaps!! And yes, got one more silly thought, something that I tried with Anu's tag. Itha padichup paarungalen - Naan enna solla vandenna... (What I was going to say is...) Chumma (Jus' like that) What's up? That's why I said... (mainly to k :)) Nariya vela iruku (have lotsa work to do)
Krishna... Do you understand what am saying?
SaththiyamA puriyalai!!

Zeppelin said...

pretty interesting 7's...

karthik in mouna ragam..good one..watched that movie the first time with my sisters and they were head over heels... :) and exactly the same reaction, the intensity going up exponentially.. hehe

and to answer your tag.. here goes -

nalla velai you havent tagged me on the story thingy.... i would have written "blue screen" in different languages... :)

Senthil said...

Now THAT, is a deep story. Am not sure if I got all of it right... if I did, amazing!!

RS said...

Bus - I was itching to tag you for the short story then decided not to paduthify you :) The story is about irony :)

agnibarathi - Thanks, No 7 on the things I cannot do is here to stay :)

subha - typo :)

agnibarathi - funny exercise :)

phil - adutha darava paru, am gonna tag you for a story :))

senthil - thanks! The story is about irony - now, am not so sure I should explain the story to you in case you begin to feel it's not so amazing after you "get" the whole story :)

RTD2 said...

Nice job, Ramya! Have you watched a movie called "Under the Tuscan Sun"? I think it's about something similar (if I 'got it', that is!)

nagilan said...

"Learn to swim (another aragorai area - can float and if lucky can manage a few butterfly strokes)"

lol.. btw nice blog

Anupama Viswanathan said...

hey! Jus' wanted to say that I completed your tag! :)

RS said...

rtd2 - Have been meaning to watch that movie but always picked some other movie instead of this one :)

nagilan - Thanks!

anupama - yes, trying to understand all the emotional strains in your story - well written!

Anonymous said...

disclaimer : this story wd've made sense if it had been a 100 worder...neways, enjoi!

"...the soul transmigrates into other physical forms..."
Tom was suddenly very sad...Nostalgia from classes of Phil201 that he used to attend (just before the freak accident)? Sadness at this woefully inadequate body of knowledge
called philosophy?
"...animals do not possess consciousness"
He laughed at the Creator's cruelty and ran before they could shoo him away...
- L

RS said...

L - Interesting, very different story :)

BUS said...


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