October 30, 2005

The Art of Boxing!

There! This picture just to clarify what I mean by "boxing"!

I normally stay away from girly posts, just because I am not really a girly girl and often cannot identify with, "I need a break, I just have to go shopppin' today and unwind!" And yes, that is pronounced "Shopppin".

Anyway, this post is not about shopppin', it's about my penchant for boxes. I am hoping I shall find a kindred soul somewhere out there who will identify with the need to organize things into little or not so little boxes. So, this is how the story begins. I discovered that our local dollar store sells these really cute christmassy boxes and they come in different sizes too!

Again, let me reiterate at this point that I do love reading about Becky in Sophie Kinsella's shopaholic series but I am not and can never be one myself. Mostly, I think shopping is a chore like doing one's laundry (I really hate doing laundry). There's only so many cute dresses that I can look at and coo, with my hands on my cheeks, "That's so cute!".

But you will find me in a store rummaging through different sized boxes, finding the perfect one to store my bangles, my bindis and such trinkets. You will not find me cooing ofcourse, but you might detect a certain glint of indulgent pleasure lighting my face. Anyway, I did pick up a few more boxes this weekened and thought I should post some pics for those who are yet to appreciate the importance of "organizing with boxes!".


Eshwar said...

And I thought Shoppin was second nature to all women !!

BUS said...

oh!!! the boxes look cho cute!!!

Shiva said...

well, the only time I like boxes are the one I find when I move and frantically search for a box to put all the books/mags/DVDs.

RT said...

was wondering for a long time what to get for ur wedding...ultimately got that jewel box...good to know that u like collecting boxes :-)

RS said...

eshwar - guess am the lone exception to that generalization :)

bus - how cute indeed!

shiva - :)

rt - good choice there, thanks!

IBH said...

Hey RS,

Happy "Thalai Diwali" :)

Shiva said...

hey RS - wish you & k a very happy 'thalai-deepavali' !!

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