October 05, 2005

On Traditions.

It's that time of the year again - golu padis have been dusted and brought out, golu bommais carefully unwrapped from yellowing and crumpled newspaper bits and gingerly brought down to the main hall where amidst sneezes, fights and discussions on what is the best way to arrange the cricket field wicket keeper or whether the chettichi should be to the right or left of the chettiar, the golu gets ready for public viewing. Things were pretty much the same in our case, except that we gingerly unwrapped Abroad-Packers' (Mylapore) carefully wrapped golu bommais from my suitcase and we couldn't manage a cricket team this time...maybe next year :)

B & P, k and I ambitiously set about to arrange our golu padi last night and while k jumped about impatiently attempting to arrange as many big dolls as possible in the least amount of time, P and I decided to be smart about the process and we debated, carefully analyzed and reasoned out a place for each doll, deciding to go with symmetry and aesthetic pleasure rather than time-efficiency...ahem!

Nothing like waking up in the morning and sleepily greeting our cute golu bommais with a satisfied sigh at a job well done!

And here's a small collage of our wedding photos - thanks to my cousin Arundathi, who had 'em delivered to us in a CD the same day :)


kamal said...

"k jumped about impatiently attempting to arrange as many big dolls as possible in the least amount of time ....... "

P & R are just jealous that I was so efficient and aesthetically sound in arranging the dolls :)

Zeppelin said...

hey rs, cool snaps... was trying to imagine the ghastly couple which you had described earlier in your other post....adadadada ...kankollaaaaaaakaatchi. :)

i sooooooooooooooooooo miss golu.

i usually soaked "vendhayam" and "raagi" seeds over night or sometihing and used them to make a nice garden...beside the actual golu padis... hmmmm.. those days !

@ K - dude.. sincere effort never gets appreciated... ;)

A. Noname Moose said...

You guys are back!

Looks like a nice wedding... Congratulations...
और... दूधो नहाओ, पूतो फलो
(Meaning, "bathe in milk, and have a million kids" - :-D)

And here's a small collage of our wedding photos
Where are the rest?

PS: I don't know if anyone else noticed it - but you have like five different sari-s in the six pictures on there... but the groom had to give up his shirt... :-O

A. Noname Moose said...

... and, is K touching your feet in one of those pictures?

IBH said...

hey RS, nice snaps! man! u made me feel guilty...not once did I arrange Golu :( I took for granted that am here in US and that my mom wouldnt mind me not keeping golu :) but now ur pictures made me feel guilty :)

btw, thanks for sharing ur marriage photos!

RT said...

nice pics..where are the rest?

Ram said...

Lovely pics..

waking up in the morning and sleepily greeting the golu bommais.. that sure evokes nostalgia.. very similar to waking up and checking out the school text books which you would've wrapped the previous night..

J'Adore said...

amazing saris!

all the best with the future - may it be long and happy!

RS said...

k - ha ha, nice one there!

phil - good idea, am gonna try that next time - the park idea!

anm - thanks! I guess you'll get to see the rest of the wedding fotos from our 3 fat albums during our reception!

Re: the saree thg, isnt that always the case? We just have a much wider variety to go with :)

anm - yup, all part of the rituals :) After all, we are equals, arent we? Nothing to get scandalized about!

ibh - Thanks - next year, you post your golu snaps :)

rt - when's you coming here? Cant wait to tell you the story behind the fotos :)

ram - Thanks!

j'adore - Thanks :)

thennavan said...

RS/K (how about that :-)),

Good pics of you and K. Maybe both of you should sit in the Golu. Hey, that's an idea :-)

Shiva said...

RS - the golu is terrific.. if you send some 'sundal' to me by post, it wud complete it ! :)

Last year when my folks were here I had golu set up and we had an awesome time. There was a theme disney park etc.,!

And your wedding snaps look lovely.. After all the 'white terror' is not really true

Sriram C S said...

Perhaps you should have arranged for someone to sing 'nURu varusham intha mAppiLLaiyum ponnum thAn' in thalaivar style! :)

Zeppelin said...

rs, forgot to tell you.. park implementation ku, you have to water the "plants" :), as any other normal plants... and if you have enough sand - about 2-3 feet... you will get a wonderful garden...

suddenly remembered this, so wanted to shoot it across..also, i had a small plastic "water-drinker" with holes on it snout... usually babies drink water from this.... i used that to "water" my plants.... hehe

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