September 30, 2005

Prologue to a bunch of wedding tales!

Ahh...simple pleasures of life, putting your pen to paper or fingers to your keyboard and writing a new post! It takes a trip to India to make you miss things you take for granted here. Few other...what I call..."small freedoms" like eating when you want to eat, dressing in crumpled pajamas during the day, ordering your fiance (now husband) to do some work around the house - all a big no-no in India, irrespective of whether you stay at your place or your in-law's place (I can't wait to post about this particular experience!).

Am kind of bursting to write about a whole new range of hitherto un-approached topics, maybe I should just sit down and write a novel that I will force my close friends and k to read once a month. Anyway, here goes some crazy list of thoughts, observations and anecdotes -

*** It's not fun to make phulka rotis in your in-law's place when your husband is guffawing away to glory at a hardly funny joke on the Great Indian Laughter Challenge on TV. It does not matter that I am just making the small round thingies while my mom-in-law is actually making the phulkas. Life's just unfair. For instance, why couldn't my dad ask k to make idlis when he was at Madras?

*** Relatives try to feed the bride and the groom approximately 3.5 times more than they can digest. Maybe they can't stand the fact that the bride and the groom are slim and fit and they want 'em to be really round and fat? Also, it doesn't matter even if it's basundhi - there's only so much of it that you can eat!

*** Speaking even smatterings of the spoken tongue in a land earns you brownie points that you cannot earn with a well-written five-page essay in English!

*** I had a most interesting conversation with an uncle for a couple of hours without realising that his son was considered a prospective match for me a few years back. His son is now married to a Romanian. He said, "Now, I know what I missed". That made me quite happy for some reason.

*** No matter how many times you have sworn to yourself that you will not let the makeup lady dab, douse and drown you in makeup like in your cousin Sheetal's marriage, she will manage to make you look like a white terror with red lipstick. The consolation is that k had so much makeup on, we made quite a ghostly pair in the reception!

*** It's cool to have a movie star like Crazy Mohan turn up at your wedding and having people whisper and point excitedly at him. I mean someone else just stole my thunder for a few moments, but's just cool :)

*** One of my many realizations after this trip - I cannot live in Bombay (except if we can afford a flat at Nariman point and have a cook, chauffeur and a maid (you can stop laughing now. Thank you.)

*** Although every young couple fears that wily vaguely related uncle with a caustic tongue and a sarcastic tone to match, these are the people who add color to a wedding. They are the ones that create memorable impressions worth recounting! Oh boy, I can't wait to post about the villain of our wedding - our very own local Pran. Somehow, these characters gain more distinct expressions, gestures, mannerisms and the story gets more punch as we repeat it for yet another awed audience!

Many more posts to come and a few tags to be answered, until then, this is your finally no-longer-single lady signing off :)


rajesh said...

welcome back..
pugundha aathu/kitchen vambulaam kaeka nannaadhaan irku :)

thennavan said...

Congratulations and welcome back RS, or shall I say RK :-)

RTD2 said...

Congrats, MRS. Ramya! Glad to see you back, but sad to hear that you don't think you can live in Bombay. Me? I say, you can take the girl out of Bombay, but not the Bombay out of the girl! Looking forward to the wedding stories :) Maybe one of them can be 55 words long!

sumant said...

I'm moving to Bombay next Sunday. I won't be living in Nariman Point, but I get the feeling I'll get by anyway. It helps to have the cousin in Hiranandani.

But when everything's said and done, I'll still be central Madras.

TJ said...

Welcome back no-longer-single RS,
Hope you had an excellent time, and stories to tell for the rest of your lives. :)

Wanting to hear more from the Whimsical Raconteus!! :)

IBH said...

about brownie points ;) , u are so rite about that!if the groom tries talking in the bride's tongue he is considered sweet and cute and if the bride tries to talk in his tongue then she needs improvement ;) how bad is that?:) but still a brownie point is added eh :)

looking forward to ur posts! and to all our simple pleasures of reading ur posts :))

Subha said...

good to have you back, RS..:) I confess I was quite bored sometimes without my chatting partner next cube and your always interesting blogs!

Shiva said...

welcome back RS ! Hope you had an awesome time back home..
you were missed in the blogosphere !!

Prabu Karthik said...

Welcome back RS and Congrats to u and Padmashri K.
How was chennai-made thachu mammum?

Eshwar said...

Hey RS...welcome back to the blog world and congrats.

RT said...

welcome back! was hoping that u would call up before you left...
ha ha ha...just kidding, i knew u wd be bc ;-)

RS said...

Rajesh - am sure :)!

Thennavan - Thanks, RK is taken (can't compete with him!), so RS for now :)

RTD2 - Thanks! Answered your tag but really, my brain's still on vacation, so maybe a better story next time :)

Sumant - Me too! Good luck with everything.

TJ - Yup, back with more juicy stories :)

IBH - Nice to see your comments here again :)

Subha - Think I'll go crazy if I couldn't rant, chat with someone like you at work ;)

Shiva - Thanks!

P~K: Ahh...Don't ask - makes me feel homesick - k is still a no-thachimum guy!

Eshwar - Thanks!

RT - Waiting to read more about the courting phase in your blog :)

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