August 05, 2005

Vetti Vela!

The latest website to join my list of most admired web endeavours is the Wiki, the first being Google (of course!).

Yesterday, inorder to complete my daily dose of vetti vela, I looked up Lexington in Wiki and learnt some fascinating new facts about my city (My City is always Madras but for the purpose of this discussion, let's call Lex my city), one of those being that a peanut butter factory in Lexington produces the largest quantity of peanut butter in the world! Then I looked up some more stuff and somehow landed up with this wiki for Madras Bashai and this one is hilarious especially the places where they seriously quote (I almost imagined a TV News-reader style monotone and a poker face) the meanings of the words "Isthukinu" and "Keesiduven"!

Then I switched back to Google (those guys are Gods!) and it said Google could answer commonly asked questions, so, I tried,

"Population of India" and there it was, the first line of the search results proudly declaring "1,080,264,388"

I tried currency conversion next and typed "50 USD in Lira" and that worked. I did not have much luck with currency exchange rate for Indian Rupees though, my search string "50 USD in RS" did not give me the answer in the first line, neither did "50 USD in Rupees", so, I added the magic word -

"50 USD in Indian Rupees"

and sure enough, there it was - "50 U.S. dollars = 2 173.9414 Indian rupees"!

Yes, am sure all of you are bubbling to thank me for this treasure house of information, you are most welcome :)


Subha said...

Actually Ramya,
indha vetti info enakkum useful-a irukkum..romba bore adhichadhuna ippadi edhavadhu Google-a kelvi kettu torture panna vendiyadhu dhaan..:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rs
nanum ethe pannuven when I am so bored..infact I search people whom I know in google too...
GAJA Vettia enikku :)

Prabu Karthik said...


onnu theriyudhu. nee eludhituu samaratha velai panna pore. blog hopping pannirundha indha 'madras bashai' kandippa un kannile patrukkum.

one new info i found in wiki was
"google bombing"

Lexington peanut butter trivia was new.

(freeya irundha oru short story eludha aaNayidugiren:))

RS said...

subha: apadi vaa namma levelku, but ofcourse am sure your idea of vetti vela is putting in 10 hours of work from 7 AM (!!!) to 6 PM! and then 15 minutes of browsing :))

k: iniku slight vetti thaan...guilty as charged :)

P~K: Google bombing was new to me too! Will try to follow the aanai :)

Shiva said...

there are no words to describe google innovativeness..

Checkout Google labs for interesting stuff..

Also download Google Earth and set it up.. you will be in for a ride of your life !!

TJ said...

google is growing powerful by the day. for sure. This is an intersting post on Google.

Anonymous said...

INR is enough :)

RS said...

shiva: yes, I check google labs frequently, when vetti :)

tj: That sure is an interesting post!

anon: ah...thanks!

ioiio said...

Hey Just wanted to let u know that there is a "Short Story" contest in Mugamoodi's blog.. Deadline 21st..

All the best..

RS said...

ioiio: thanks for letting me know but the competition seems to be in Tamil, enakku avolo tamil ezhuda varaadu :)

loverBoy said...

hey remya, freeya irundingana Google Earth and Google Moon try pannugan.

RS said...

Yup, Tried it, like I said...awesome stuff there :)

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