August 07, 2005

The ship that never sails...

Let's see if the significance of the day will help me melt my writer's block ;)

Wise men of today suggest yoga, calisthenics, exercise, hobbies, even fengshui as a means to relax, to diminish the sharp edge, the restlessness, the worries that seem to suffocate us at times...and I have one of my own remedies to add - a day spent with friends. While my friends range from those who just drop in once in a while for a quick coffee to those who would listen to my very boring rants about my life and the trivialities that seem to rock it, for hours together, all of them end up cheering me up and leaving me in good humor and a general feeling of well being.

Talking is therapeutic, atleast for women and some men, and the lazy, relaxed, sometimes even meaningless chit chat that I indulge in with friends is something even the thought of which conjures up a relaxing, soothing image - a luxury that the responsibilities of life often don't give us time for. While some find solace in solitude, I find solace in the company of friends...there's something about the hum of a comfortable conversation interspersed with quick bursts of spontaneous laughter that puts my mind at ease...and long after the sun sets, the freshness and friendliness of the day lingers behind long enough to brighten up yet another day.

Meaningless worries and yet he listened;
Jokes that hardly amused and still he laughed;
A comforting arm when I most needed it;
An understanding smile that wiped my tears;
I can write a hundred lines and yet do little justice,
to convey the magic that friendship is,
From a grateful friend to another,
Thanks for being my friend.


Prabu Karthik said...

Happy Friendship day

Sriram C S said...

Happy friendship day to you RS!! And new post on Soundaryam, can we have your esteemed comments!! :)

Ram said...

hello.. on friendship, you should read this post by a fellow blogger, Samudraa.. its an amazing heartfelt write.. heavy stuff but thought u'd relate..



Thought, i should let you know.

A lot has changed.

Between us and you .Between our lives and yours. Between our secrets and yours. Between now and then. Between time and experiences. Between expectations and the unconditional.

We have grown out of meaningless giggles; and those jealous mockeries. We have grown out of the glamorous world we constructed; and those utopian ambitions. We have grown out of faking sensibility, cherish the naivety now.

We have conquered pain that results from knowledge of how distant fantasy is from reality and how this understanding still doesn’t stop us from fantasizing. We have conquered the ideals of an ideal world. We have fought the rebellious demons that we nurtured in the late teens. We have killed the materialistic devils in us, but with grace continue to be awed by grandiloquence.


We continue to feel restless with the status quo and crave to zoom; however pursue only the attainable goals. We have not stopped exaggerating the exciting moments of our life but we understand each of us are doing so and don’t feel embarrassed about it. We have not stopped calling people lesser mortals but accept secretly that every mortal is high by his/her own standards. We are not intimidated by the arrogant achievers, haven’t we seen (& been) the pseudo intellectuals?

We don’t follow every minutest detail of each others lives, but know that those still matter as much and on those occasional mails we do check on each other’s weight. We don’t wear similar clothes and walk around with best friend ear rings, but still talk about each other to every new person that start to matter in our lives.

We don’t have pseudo combined study sessions, but still marvel the idea of going back to school sometime together. We don’t have to contemplate on how funny our life partners might turn out to be- ‘Mine is pretty tolerable’, you says and i expects that i might get lucky too. We don’t discuss protocols of idealistic parenting techniques, we both know such rules don’t exist.

We can’t seek constant affirmations from eachother, but know if we need a stroke on a weary day there exists a soul that cares to give one. We can’t gleam at each others talents all the time now; we understand how valuable critical appraisals are for our growth. We can’t run away from our homes when everything about home gets detestable, have seen how the world outside can get worse; most times.

I am not worried where life would take me; for sure it can’t take us apart.

Iam not tired of failures, pride lives in aspirations& the intangible support you extend.

Iam not fatigued by lone some days, the warmth of your affection i can vividly feel.

I don’t trust ingenuine praise will sail me through, your brickbats i will always treasure.

I wouldn’t relinquish my dreams ever, the enormous strength that your belief has blessed me with.

The borders have not distanced us.
My angel there, your good luck charm still lives here!

The sunrays here, they touch you too;
The same old breeze kissed me now; they love you too;
The moonlit night, the promise of dawn; exists there too;
The snow that caresses your skin; peeks through my windows too.
The drizzles of spring fill us both with the same nostalgia!

Sitting near the fireplace,you too must be meditating on these; I know;
How can we ever grow out of friendship?
How can we lose touch with our own soul?
How can i ever share this cozy intimacy with anyone else?
How can this empathy ever cease to grow?

Nothing has changed.

Thought, i should let you know.

Achala (constant)

TJ said...

Senti post!! Nanbargal dhina vaazhthukkal.
Btw, college pals meet panni, gossip adichomna, adhavida refreshing aedhuvume thevai illai.. ;) true.

TJ said...

In firefox, the template and layout of the site gets jumbled. The profile, blogroll et al come below the posts! Thot will let u know.

RS said...

P~K: Thanks, to you too :)

agnibarathi: Your new posts were beautiful, cryptic but evocative!

ram: did read it, twice! heartfelt, touching...makes me want to rewrite my post!

tj: Happy Friendship Day! Yesterday was one such day, so followed it with a related post :)

Reg the firefox issue, thanks...I think I have to tweak this template a bit and havent got around to it yet.

BUS said...

"sometimes even meaningless chit chat that I ... the responsibilities of life often don't give us time for" -- I agree and well said...


RS said...

Epavathu comment pannu, adulayum oru short form! HFD! :)

Zeppelin said...


yet another good one... the drive got to me last night, so could not read it then....

While some find solace in solitude, I find solace in the company of friends... - Totally !! :)

IBH said...

hey RS,

Happy friendship day! belated though!:)

RS said...

phil: :)

ibh: Happy Friendship Day to you too :)

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