August 22, 2005


I've been a bit busy the past few days as a result of which my simple yet profound thoughts did not find their way into yet another rose tinted post.

Ha! Sure sounds good, wish it were true, "Oh, I have been so busy, I really do not find the time to blog!", with a little toss of my head - sure sounds good in my head :) The only thing I have been busy with is cleaning the refrigerator and the carpet - there is something to be said about the after-effects of cleaning, everytime I open the fridge now and a tiny glint from a polished surface inside winks at me, I feel a little glow around me - a pat for a job well accomplished (or atleast accomplished).

I do ramble on, what I am wondering now is about the concept of a couple, you know like boyfriend-girlfriend, fiance-fiancee (kindly add the necessary apostrophes), husband-wife - you get my drift, am sure. I have seen certain common characteristics among these so called couples (with exceptions, as is always the case) - once the word is out that they are a couple now, they go out of their way (or so it seems to me) to prove that, that is indeed the case. I am not against hand holding, whispering sweet nothings, casting loving glances at boy(!) yada yada, but as an onlooker (for lack of a better word), it's sometimes either awkward, unnatural or just plain boring for me! I know am doing a good job of shooting off my mouth here but as a third person, it's just more interesting for me to watch a healthy argument, a little bit of teasing, leg-pulling, even tiffs between the boy and the girl. It makes the whole relationship look more realistic.

Of course, my opinion here (yes, it is an opinion) is as a guest, a politely interested party who is privy to the chemistry between the boy and the girl, maybe if I were to be the girl involved I would be all mushy too (although my friends claim that is certainly not the case - whew!) but since I am pretty confident that such is not the case, I can say all I want here :))

Anyway, bickering or cooing , I guess the dynamics of a couple are way too complicated to be analyzed in a single post, nevertheless, I shall continue to post :)

(...and Coo-chi-coo is what we called the umm...terms of endearments used by such couples back in Bits - that's your trivia for the day - who says blogs aren't enlightening?!)


F e r r a r i said...

PDA-->Publicly Displaying Affection :-D

Some common syndromes
1. Their voice level drastically reduces. So they tend to get extremely closer to each other, to understand what the other person is saying.
2. Two magnets are fixed to each others body. One in the guys shoulder, and the other in the girls head.
3. A girl will get scared of looking at a lion shown in the television. And the guy becomes Brad Pitt of Troy, and reassures the girl that he is there for her

To summarize ellam aarva koLaaru cases.

Sriram C S said...

I guess the dynamics of a couple are way too complicated to be analyzed in a single post AmbaLaiyum pombaLaiyum vazhiyarathukku oru analysis vERa... kashtam da sAmi!! :P

IBH said...

I remember the day when two of us couples went on a date and the other couple was coo-chi-cooing non stop.....I mean he was rubbing her feet from under the seat....thinking we dont know ( how dumb...we were dating for almost 2 years then ;)) and she giving this awkward smile....huuh!and there we were pulling our hair out in a verbal fight! ;))

as u said it is tough to explain the dynamics of couples can not be explained as it differs so much among couples depending on the age of their courtship too...first year it wuld be all rosy and the second year slowly starting to get in to the mode of husband and wife...and third year almost as a divorced yet willing to fight-it-out couple ;)

nalla post!

Prabu Karthik said...

vara vara un post la enna comment eludhardhunney therila:)

"love lab in seattle" nu google
panni paarkavum.

BLINK la padichen.

scientific mana porutham:)

Subha said...

I am kinda relieved that someone else thinks the same way..:) Every time I voice some opinion against overtly saccharine displays of affection (verbal or non-verbal), I've been chastized as being un-romantic so much so that I started thinking I was a weirdo! Me thinks there's too much societal scrutiny on "acting" romantic; a reason why couples tend to act that way?!

RS said...

ferrari: funny acronym and funny points :))

agnibarathi: Normally I would have written about promoting world peace but decided otherwise for this post alone :P :P

ibh: very true :), sometimes the boy and the girl are cute together and with each other which is pleasant for others but when they step over cute and become all giggly, that's when it's ugh!

p~K: interesting article, thanks and they agree with what i said, yay!

The absence of conflict is a sign of an emotional distance so great as to preclude an authentic relationship.

subha: Join the club :)

You are right, maybe they are "expected" to act romantic and they do...I hope they are not really that way always - that would be terribly oh-so-boring!

Kumari said...

Aah...the sweet sound of 'coo-chi-coo'...miss the psenti-couples and the leg-pulling in hostel after 11pm of the girl who indulges in all that :)

Nalla post aana i am actually for coo-chi-coo. I like to have a verbal fight too, more so if there are ppl around but if it's just a 'couples only' outing, i am all for PDA atleast once to humour the romantic girl in me.

Psst: DOn't tell The Mr coz he would then make sure we go out with others. He hates coo-chi-coo ing :D

FSN 2.2 said...

PDA's are fine by themselves.As long as the conversation is between the boy and the girl that's fine as well.

However, the thing that makes me want to throw up is when they go on and on and on and on.

There was this girl in my grad school who's every conversation would start with "My boyfriend..."

There have been several times when I have wanted to scream into her ear "ALLRIGHT.ALLRIGHT.We get it.You are dating Mr.wonderful.I as a guy am the one not blessed enough to warrant a mention by you. Now can we please drop it?"

I dont have a problem with PDA - but the holding hands bit can be taken too far.

Some people hold hands when the eat - that's a bit much right there.

You definitely need two hands - and you're robbing your partner of his right to a good,satisfying meal.

However personally I'd prefer to have a little bit of leg-pulling and a little bit of fighting as well. Why? Because making up can be fun too :-)

Too much of sugary sweetness can make a guy sick. Kuch Khatti Kuch meeti- that's the way to go.

Shiva said...

well I think when couples are together in public they ought to do the coo..chic..coo... it is cute when they hold hands, lean on the shoulders, whisper annoyingly, fall back when we walk.

Yes, when I do see it, makes me hell uncomfy... but it is still cute..

RS said...

kumari: I miss it too :(, this thing they call growing up aint too much fun.

Psst: wont tell the Mr. Promise :)

fierysinews: I have heard "My bf..." stories too :) Kuch khatti, kuch meeti - the perfect recipe right there :)

shiva: :)

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