August 30, 2007

On ILs and assorted irrational fears - 2

  • k's parents reached Lex last night! I gave his mom a bouquet of roses! P~'s parents also came with them! It was all one happy reunion!
  • My dazzle-with-dinner attempt met with lukewarm responses - k was really sweet and tried to mask it all with, "Dinner was good, Ramya!" So, A+ for his effort :)
  • Made tea without much fiasco this morning while k slept in (took a day off!)
  • Slept after 1 AM last night - talking to ILs, so feeling pretty woozy...
On a different note, been obsessed with this song lately...totally resonates with the strings of my's called "Friends forever"...


GG said... sure they must be real happy after eating bahu ke haath ka khana...give them some days to settle down :)
First timers, aren't they?

Musically Me said...

so far so good huh.... have fun and good luck

SK said...

See it wasnt so bad after all. :--))

Keep us posted.

RS said...

gg - :)

mm - thanks!

sk - Yeah! Will do!

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