August 24, 2007

On ILs and assorted irrational fears - 1

Now, am a pretty nice girl, wouldn't you agree? Patient, smart, accommodating, obedient, not your typical speaks-her-mind, tells-off-husband-sometimes, impulsive, sometimes dominating, unreasonable? modern wife...right? RIGHT?!

Well, ok, most of that is a stretch. I am probably more of the latter than the former (in my defense, I am supremely patient, just watch me at the dentist's office!)...but I still can't figure out why am so anxious about a visit from the MIL and FIL. I mean, they like me (ha, ha, very funny but no they did not say that because I threatened them, they meant it...I challenge you to get "the-best-DIL/SIL" certificate from your ILs...there!). So where was I? Yeah, so they like me, really. So, why am I so nervous about their visit? You would think I party all-night long, have breakfast in bed without brushing my teeth and roam around in mini-skirts and tank-tops all day long! But no. I wear nice salwaar-kameezes with big bindis and bangles, sarees (if I have one of my girl-friends over to help); to work I wear jeans (without holes) and full-hand t-shirts (always so darn cold in the office)...I cook edible (read healthy) food and am a good wife or at least try real hard...ok, least try to be one.

So, why am I biting my nails down to their skins? Well, I don't really bite my nails, but you get the picture...

Anyway, k is tired of hearing this from me, so you poor folks need to tolerate my emotional outpour over the next few months.

* I wonder if FIL will hate my Bharathanatyam make-up? Especially my scary kohl drenched eyes...

* I wonder if MIL will think am spoilt 'coz I get up late on weekends...and not so early on weekdays either (well 8 is pretty decent, if you ask me)...

* I wonder if they will be ok if I ask k to do the dishes on the days I cook...

* Which reminds me, I seem to have forgotten how to cook! Are laptops allowed in the kitchen?

* Can I lounge for a few hours everyday (after work, after a tough day of blood and sweat, err bits and bytes...whatever, pot-ae-to, pot-ah-to) in my PJs...watching Reba or Still Standing?

* Can I....static....overload....core dumped.


IBH said...

:)) hehe loved the line abt doing the dishes :))) when i was preg. with kaju , had both my ils and parents together....:)

SK said...

:--) I think I can understand your concern. Good luck. I am sure things will turn out better that you imagine.

GG said...'s a good thing to be a little nervous. Everything turns out to be much sweeter that way :-)
Good luck...!

RS said...

IBH - Wow! One crazy happy confusion, huh?!

sk - Thanks!

gg - I hope so, thanks :)

prabukarthik said...

the fact that you are nervous is a good sign for K :)

It will be a different story if the ILs are more nervous :D

RS said...

p~k - :))

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