August 16, 2007

Won't you stay back?

This sucks. People, hear me loud and clear. If you want to leave, don't get to know me. If it's too late for that, then at least don't be my friend. Jeez! Is it too late for that too? Then at least don't become a close friend! Don't have a good sense of humor, don't make my days any easier, don't relate to me, don't listen and please act distracted when I talk. Frown and interrupt, talk obsessively about yourself, act lost when I express a vague thought and delight in my little blunders.

What brought this on? One of my colleagues at work is leaving for good! He is fun to work with, cracks me up with his jokes and is smart! So, I thought if all the people around me who make my life a bit more pleasant, a bit more fun start leaving, where does that leave me?!

Aside-->Wait a minute...even if that happens. Internet is not going anywhere. I can still blog. And my blogging friends will still exist no matter where they move to. Gosh! Don't you just love technology at times? You guys rock!

Somehow, email doesn't quite work when we really want to stay in touch. It is really a mode of impersonal communication, I can think of several misunderstandings that originated from emails. So many of my close friends have left or perhaps I did. But, the few emails I get from them (usually piggyback-emails congratulating, commiserating, announcing significant events) only make them more distant than they already are. A sudden flash of a smile on a teenage kid I once thought was one of my best friends in Bits fades in and just as quickly fades out as I finish reading,

"Hey, happy birthday! Have fun machan!"

No unread emails.

Oh well. Life goes on. Just that sometimes everything seems to go still for a moment when a fond memory, an impulsive hug, the glint of a tear when we parted...unspoken words carried away by the wind alight unbidden...and then it's business as usual.


Gopinath Sundharam said...

Nice one RS. Yeah, it aches when a person whom you know really well, had tons of fun leaves and gets in touch with us via fwd'ing emails.. but hey.. I believe that's life, we got to move on.. (as if we got any other choice.. huh?)

GG said...

I've been in the boat on either side - it's not fun either way - to leave or to be left! :-)

SK said...

Change is always difficult, no, but alas, change is a part of life.
Dont worry, may you get another friend like him soon. :--D

dinesh said...

You never know. Microsoft might open an office in Lexington ! :)

RS said...

gs - Nope, we seldom have a choice...can only hope someone equally nice compensates for the absence of the other!

gg - Same here...the worst of it were when I had to leave Bits and then Madras...

sk - amen :)

dinesh - Ok, funny man, my office colleague's name is Henry, so I don't think it has anything to do with MSFT :p

Parth said...

The first few lines felt like a hurricanish rant :-) Then, it tempered down well enough. Like you said, you always have your blog friends to count on to keep you entertained.

dinesh said...

ohhhhhh, you were talking about Henry ? I am sorry, I thought it was somebody else..never mind ! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! Thank you Ramya.

RS said...

viji - :)

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