September 05, 2007

On Food & Khana & Saapadu!

So, we had a fun long weekend at Smoky mountains - 4 participants of the previous generation and b&p, k&I - needless to say, there were quite a few interesting incidents :)


* Every trip only revolves around one thing - FOOD! k & p~ started planning the menu a month back and the two cars that were driven to Gatlingburg had a greater propotion of food items than people! Our menu for our 2 nights and 3 days stay at the cabin -

  • Sat Evening (Gatlinburg Cabin) - Home-made sandwich with tomatoes, cucumbers - cut just so small, potato slices and seasoning
  • Sun Morning - Poha - made to perfection by k and a pot full of chai
  • Sun Afternoon - Tacos - sour cream, black beans, cheese, salsa and lettuce, Grilled Corn/Pineapple/Tomatoes/Green Peppers
  • Sun Evening - Bhel - made Bombay style by k again.
  • Mon Morning - Chai, fluffy Khari biscuits dipped in chai (yum!)
  • Mon Evening - Olive Garden!
  • In-between our meals, we managed to go on a sky-ride, use the hot-tub and jacuzzi in our cabin, celebrate p~'s birthday, go hiking and play mini-golf!
* Back to work now, and k & I are learning to adjust with the daily stream of comments (some straight-forward, some tongue-in-cheek) on our food habits and life-style in general:

  • "Don't eat old food. Food has most nutrients when eaten fresh" - which translates to cook fresh food for lunch and cook fresh food for dinner! k's mom manages the lunch turn and dinner falls on k and me, which we are managing without major incidents, till now :p
  • "Don't leave vessels in the sink." - which translates to load dish-washer two-three times a day!
  • "What are these old fruits/vegetables/frozen food items doing in the fridge for more than 2 days?" - means buy if you intend to cook/eat it today or tomorrow. Day-after is a stretch!
  • "Too much rush in the morning...." - means, wake up earlier, you sleepy-heads!
  • "Don't waste food! Don't save it for tomorrow!" - means eat it all today or cook to precision - there is no maid to give away all the extra food to!
  • "Too bland", "Too cold", "Too gooey", "Too spicy" vs "Food! Cool, let's eat!"
* But, it's been fun going home to people wanting to see us, who greet us with 26 questions every evening as soon as we step inside the house, who talk to us (and want to) late into the night and have hot and tasty tiffin and lunch ready for us, and listen to our boring lectures about what is healthy/harmful, what rules should be observed in this strange land that they have made their home...

Makes us feel wanted and not so alone, after a long time...solitude is fun, only for a while though before it translates to loneliness...know what I mean?


SK said...

>>Makes us feel wanted and not so alone, after a long time...solitude is fun, only for a while though before it translates to loneliness...know what I mean?

Totally! :--) Thats what missing about life in US.

Btw you didnt make anything for the trip? ILs were okay with it? ;--)

IBH said...

I am not sure why talks and actions always involve food :) when Mr and my parents were there will always be...what mallu food u can make and what tam bram food i can make...and how well feed the kids....:) it was so much fun with lots of issues as well..but as u ritely put it across......who else will question us if not our parents or in laws....i mean life is just so much fun if u have them....with all its is the best when u can get the best of both worlds rite :)

Zep said...

yeah like sk asks, what about "vazhikki"? suda suda coffee/tea in a flask..maybe some idlis smeared with molaga podi+yennai.. even a bread sandwich, you know the aaloo,etc. kind.. ;)

my mom and perima were here a couple years back for my cousin's delivery in chicago. another cousing came over from canada and the 2 mothers and 2 sons went drove to Niagara falls. so flask la coffee decoction, puli saadham, idli+molaga podi+yennai, chips of course, and maybe a couple other things.. we drove a FORD ESCAPE and the back portion was a huge stock pile... of FOOD... :) but anyday, that beats all the little stop gaps at some random subway or BK or whatever... VAZHI SAAPADU ROCKS MACHI! :)

IBH said...

hey rs..finally uploaded a photo of Kaju...

RS said...

sk - We went to smokey mountains, planning on Washington for our next trip... :)

ibh - fun with flaws...yup, exactly. But, man! FOOD is FOREMOST for these guys!

zep - Yup, vazhi saapadu is fun, am sure we will have loads of it on our road trips!

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