July 15, 2007

Harry Potter...


Umbridge is as "supremely annoying" as portrayed in the book, Sirius as comforting a presence, Voldemort as nasty an adversary and Hermoine, Ron, Fred and George as cute and dependable as ever :)

Luna Lovegood was awesome!

And of course Harry rocks too!!!

How am I going to wait until 21st?!


SK said...

I thought the movie was a bit of a drag, I was a bit disappointed.
I am a fan too!
Waiting for the 21st. :--)

Gayatri said...

I just wrote something along the same lines! HA

Parth said...

Saw it on I-Max 3D. Doesn't get any bigger than this :-) Cho Chang was Cho dissapointing though :-)

RS said...

sk - I think I am prejudiced, I can never be critical of a HP movie or book! :)

gayatri - ;)

parth - lucky you!

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