July 16, 2007


I blame this totally on L~, he wanted me to translate this song for his Northie friends! S~ gave me the "wedding-altar" interpretation for the first line, my mom helped me with the remaining meanings...

So, can anyone else guess the song? :)

Like a cool breeze, she touched the house/wedding-altar, but not the cot;
Slender and beautiful like the moon, yet her skin singes when I touch her;
Was there ever a sky that refused to listen to the melody of Bhoopalam?

Like droplets on a lotus petal, the lord and his wife live together;
Why the need for garlands and drum beats, when you wish to live as friends?
Bereft of a meaningful relationship, with no closeness or emotional ties, tell me,
Oh flower, what is your life like?

Life is not a stage, to depart after the drama ends;
Neither is our relationship a river, to change courses ever so often and continue on its journey;
Even the silver moon travels with the sky, why won't you come with me?


Sandhya Kannan said...

Mandram vandha thendralukku from Mouna Raagam.
Super cool! :--)

Ardra said...

Hi RS!
Be assured that it is never late- wish you the very best in following your passion and btw, if you havent seen this one, chek it out if you feel like it:

Ardra said...

and yes, do keep us posted about how it is going...

RS said...

sandhya - super ma! Correct answer :)

ardra - Thanks! Will do!

prabukarthik said...

hey good one!
but one suggestion, while posting Q's like these, make sure you have commentmoderation enabled. That would make things all the more interesting :)

RS said...

k - Yes Sir! Will do that next time :)

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