July 23, 2007

Harry Potter update.

350th page.


What if someone blurts out the ending?

Will not check emails/text messages/orkut scraps or attend to phone calls until page # 760.

*begin incommunicado-by-choice*

Tue 7/24 Update: Finished the book @ 1.30 AM last night!

No more Hogwarts, charms, spells, crazy plants, crazier teachers and lovable witches and wizards :(((

This is like the time "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" and "Everybody loves Raymond" ended...I feel like crying :(


SK said...

LOL! :--)

Thats why I made sure I finished the book before Monday. Cant sit at work, wondering about the book.
How do you like it? I think its better than HBP.

RS said...

SK - I finished Monday night...I loved the book but then I always love anything HP. At least we have 2 more movies to look forward to...and then a void :(

IBH said...

It is exactly like F.R.I.E.N.D.S....i remember crying my heart out when i felt there would be no Joey silliness,rachel's emma...ross's goofiness,chandler and monica's romance....and NEW YORK....
i felt the same pangs and pains when i finished the book....what will we do after the two more movies rs.....i can feel the huge void in me already :((((

Zeppelin said...

dont know a lot about HP.. but one simple, but slightly expensive solution, if you are so in love with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. get the whole DVD collection.... like I did.. :D

it feels almost like I live next door to these guys now... :)

RS said...

IBH - exactly, glad I have company!

Arun - I have seasons 1-6 on DVD...but it's just not the same as catching it on TV, not sure why!

IBH said...

Arun, me too me too..i already have the entire collection..full 10 series....i too have 4 HP DVD + all the books till date....but still.....there is nothing like waiting for the fresh,spanking new release of a HP movie or a book...:(

IBH said...

well as far FRIENDS...would love love to catch up with 2 more reunions....just to see how Chandler and Monica's babies look like how chandler is handling fatherhood....if Joey is taking the huge step and dive in to marriage...Ross and Rachel grow old with Ben and Emma....Phoebe with her Mike....just 2 more episodes....:)

Random Vignettes said...

*sniffles* too..I know what u mean...

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