July 10, 2007

25 going on 30!

I hear the late 20s are the time when people are most confused (besides midlife crisis), when they vacillate between early 20 something kids and well into 30s parents with kids :) They yearn for the carefree life of the bachelor(ette), late night parties and impulsive decisions. But, the secure, comforting family of three with an adorable toddler holding on tight to the mom no matter how much you try to entice it with chocolates also paints a sweet picture. We wish we could be certain of what to do with this thing called life, like the aunty and uncle we spoke to recently, knowing exactly what they want to do, and, we also know that comes with wisdom that only age can bring along. So, where does that leave us? The people who check the 25-30 box on forms hoping they could curtail their age in that box for a little more time? The to-be-married/just-married/no-kids/SINKs/DINKs?

We still remember the not too distant past when we woke up on snowy mornings and having missed the School bus, trudged along in the snow to teach an 8 AM Calculus class. Why, we even remember the day we stood in the long visa line, with friends from our colleges and even parents, from morning till next morning! And of course, we remember our college crushes like they happened yesterday...we remember how Oasis used to be, how KSR and TRS taught so well but we still didn't get into IIT, no matter BITS turned out to be loads of fun anyway...

And we also know we are standing on the brink of something life-changing - a cliff overlooking an ambitious yet scary future, promising elements of a cosy family life, with little kids gazing at us adoringly, a time when the person the kid refuses to leave is us...not them, and also bits and pieces of unknown paths - a mishmash forming our destiny, the future we hope to experience but can never be certain until the moment is upon us to be the present...

And walking along this path, we often look back, wondering if we could just linger a little longer, but at the same time yearning to experience the treasures that our journey will bring...and until we cross that distance, we remain the elusive 25-going-on-30 people; don't worry we'll get over this together!

And to those people who fall in the 20-25 group, you know the kind that goes, "Oh man, you'll be 30 in a coupla years!", I wish I could say, "Wow! And you are still 23, I must say, that is quite an achievement, your parents must be awfully proud of you!"

But I am a nice girl, I am not rude, given most situations. So, in the infinitely greater wisdom that the few years have given me over this astute 23-year-old, I would nod and smile. Also with wisdom. Ah, such pleasure to possess such wisdom :p

Hey you! Big Three-O, am all ready for you, bring it on, baby!

Uhh...take your time though, not in a hurry!


Zeppelin said...

ohmiiiigooooodddd!! you're gonna be 30 in a couple years? :P :)

given your infinite wisdom gained over the last few years.. i can almost see you smiling ;)

i see some people at work.. especially a couple of my gora colleagues.. who spoile me a lot..with all the "DUUDDDEE!! lets do this.. lets do that..and share stupid jokes...etc..." well, they are DINKs and yet surprisingly do so much stuff and even almost behave like 20+ year olds.. So the notion that I will "have to" ultimately "grow up" someday is slowly leaving me.. :)

nicely written!

Parth said...

Is it just me or is it a lot of this 30 business going around off late?

dinesh said...

Pretty funny piece...

Especially this -- ""Wow! And you are still 23, I must say, that is quite an achievement, your parents must be awfully proud of you!"

RS said...

Arun - lol! Nice to have people around who are fun, no matter what age-group they belong to!

parth - Just you! jk :)) I think I have a tendency to fixate over an idea/thought and get it out of my system before moving on to another :)

dinesh - :)

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