June 26, 2007

Story time!

Silambattam, as in this, not this :p

Kept thinking of KamalHassan in Thevar Magan as I wrote this story :)


Parth said...

Before I go to the story, quick question for you. How do you get the images of the books that you are reading on the right side of your page. I can provide links but maybe I am missing the widget required for showing images?

RS said...

parth - I am using a website called "". You need to create an account there and select books that you are currently reading and the website automatically finds the pic for it, in most cases.

Let me know if you liked the story :)

rajagopal said...

I have tagged you for a meme. Please respond.

Sukumar rajagopal

Gayatri said...

Will make you some when you visit us in NC :)

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