June 10, 2007

Someone's got a make-over!

Our friend insisted on a complete make-over and I though I ought to indulge her whim, after all she is close to my heart :)

I experimented with the most web-readable color-combination and it didn't look that interesting, so switched to a rather dramatic color scheme. Please bear with yours truly while the experiment with the costumes continues; the perfect shade lurks nearby, just around the corner :p

Also, not that I am being a show off but "Did you check out the cool tag cloud?"

*RS stops gushing and signs off before further damage*


IBH said...

hmmm! that friend now looks rather cool and can i say pretty? color combo is eye-pleasing...

Parth said...

Off-topic, but did you finish reading Maximum City? It is quite remarkably vivid and new, even for Mumbaikars.

RS said...

ibh - thanks :), the new blogger template is pretty cool, makes it really easy to play with colors.

parth - Still reading it. The book is shocking in places...facts I couldn't digest at all...everytime I read something startling, I would ask Kamal if Mumbai is really like that!

I couldn't finish the "Gangster" section - police brutality etc seemed like it was much worse than any movie/fiction could have portrayed...skipped to the next part of the book...

I liked the part where Suketu Mehta describes the initial problems they face after moving to Bombay :)

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