June 06, 2007

Lost dreams.

Is there anyone out there who is doing exactly what he wants to do? Getting up in the morning with a thrill that he is going to spend the day doing exactly what he likes doing. He is not doing it for money - although that is a great side-benefit - he is doing it for the one reason that he would rather not be doing anything else.

Anyone out there who hasn't claimed, "If I had the time, I would rather do this all day long!" Substitute photography, dancing, writing, being-with-the-kids for "this". And several years down the lane, does it matter that we worked so hard doing something else because we thought we had to - to make money for the bigger house, to save for retirement, for the kids' college education?

Or would we just look back as we are wont to do and say to ourselves, "I wish I had...", repenting for what we had not done?

I knew these 9 AM meetings at work were not good for me, especially since they are M,W,F meetings and for 2 consecutive weeks :(


Zeppelin said...

thats really very true... But my perspective on this is, if you do what you absolutely love to do and you are making money off of it, then eventually you become sick of what you love to do and then again, you will be like.. 'i wish... '.. So its all in the mind i guess.. IMO. :)

RS said...

Hmm...I doubt I would stop loving "Archie Comics" and "Richie Rich"...but then if I had to do it 9 to 5, not sure how much I will want to do it :)

I think I'll get back to normal once my 9 AM meetings end...!

Zeppelin said...

hehe :)

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