February 22, 2007

It's that time of the year again!

Did I get this as a birthday present from k?

Or this? Or gasp! this?

No, he fixed this instead for my birthday.

I am so thrilled about it! No more squeaking, no more leaking! A shiny stainless steel knob that rotates smoothly!

Yay! Happy Birthday to an older and wiser me! (Just stacking up my comebacks for tomorrow, let's see, I can also say, "I am older and wiser", "aging gracefully", "more mature"...)

Yes, I have officially lost it. At 28 :p :) :)

Hey! I didn't mean to announce my birthday but you really should see the new faucet, it's shiny and sparkling and...oh never mind, I already said that. I may repeat myself but am older and wiser. Darn it! I repeated that too! Thrice!


kamal said...

Hey, what about fixing the garbage disposal? :)

Many Many Happy returns of the day !

Chakra Sampath said...

Many more happy returns of the day!

Saranya Kishore said...

Many more happy returns of the day. Its alll downhill from here... welll almost. :--)
Now we should say after so many years of practice finally husband realize what women want. :--D for the birthdays.

Hellboy said...

Many more happy returns of the day

IBH said...

heyyy! Happy Birthday!

Gucci sounds as an exotic present :)

Music Fan said...

many many happy returns of the day!!!

A. Noname Moose said...

Happy Birthday!!

Are you making this, this or this for your birthday? :D

Zeppelin said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! :)

Parth said...

Seems like a good age to lose it :-) Wish you a happy birthday

RTD2 said...

Many happy returns!! It's really nice that you're appreciative of this you know how many women take stuff like this for granted when they shouldn't?!

Anonymous said...

r u kidding?! is that tap chocolate covered or something? -L

Gayatri said...

Happy Birthday (belated :))
Jetlag has kept us from returning K's call...will do so soon :)
Hope u had fun :)
love, gnr

Viji said...

Hey, Belated Birthday wishes! Hope you had a blast! :)

RS said...

L - Nope, really not kidding :)
Gayu - welcome back!

And thanks everyone (for sticking with me although I seem to have lost it :p)

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