February 01, 2007

Are we there yet?

No. Not now, not ever. We are never where people assume we are or even where we assume we should be. So, what exactly am I talking about?! Time and age, to give you a short (cryptic?) answer.

I’ve seen it happen too often for me to ignore it. When I reached my 20s, I couldn’t believe that I was no longer a teenager. When I graduated with a Master’s degree, I couldn’t believe that I was a working professional and not a PIGS (Poor Indian Graduate student) anymore. Two batches of students had successfully started or perhaps even finished their Graduate study by the time I graduated! I was actually advising them about courses and I just finished being on the receiving end of the same advice!

My office colleague once told me, “You know, I was here in this play pen with my 1 year old daughter and someone there called me a mommy and I didn’t respond. It took me sometime to realize that I was the mommy now!”

Me? I am going to be 30 in a few years, the big three-O. Liquor Barn has a whole aisle dedicated to birthday jokes, caps, greetings that convey pretty much the same messageyou are no longer climbing the hill; you have begun descending the other side of the hill. Yes, I have heard the adage - You are as young/old as you think you are. And then again, are you? It would be quite silly of me to act like a teenager now but that's how I feel (want to be?)...

I remember when I received my first mail addressed cheerily to Mrs.Shah and I just did not make the connection. “Mrs? That mail is not for me. I am just a girl.” A girl trying to adapt to being a woman, still…8 years have passed since I was a teenager and I am still adapting. And before I can adapt to being a woman, an adult, I will soon be a mom and then an aunt and so on.

We are never there. Are we?


IBH said...

Well, its been 8 years for me too as a teenager and man, am now a MOMMMY, a married woman for 3 years....

gosh! I already feel that mid-life crisis creeping in me now :) and am hardly 27.....oh well! just 3 years away from that big 3-O...:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ramya,
Jumped on your blog again after a while :) I could not agree with you more. I am myself a mommy at 27 now (I can also relate to IBH from the previous comment :) ) and whenever my 1 year old says amma, I go into this deep thinking mode of 'Wow ..can't believe I'm a momy now!'. I think we need to accept that time waits for no one and accept 'growing up' gracefully and enjoy the moment :)

Anonymous said...

oh the anonymous comment is from 'Deepa Sarathy' BTW...forgot to sign my post :)

Zeppelin said...

siiiggghh.. :))

Aswin said...

Hi RS,

Nice post.

Read your article on Vegetarianism too and couldn't hold me back from commenting for that article.


RT said...

I cannot agree more!

RS said...

ibh - let's celebrate the big 3-O virtually together and let's make it fun to be thirty! *wishful thinking* :)

Deepa - Nice to be in touch with you, we should talk sometime soon!

arun - enna perumoochu?! :)

Aswin - went thru' your comment, lot of good info there, thanks.

rt - sigh!

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