February 06, 2007

What's cooking?!

To make up for my lack of meaningful, interesting posts here and @ whimsical-raconteur (which a~ helpfully pointed out to me on phone - "Say, what's up with your blog? You hardly blogged about anything interesting nowadays!" :p Notice he didn't say, "You haven't blogged in a while", that would have been face-saving :)), I present today's menu!

Trying to replace colorful words with a colorful assortment of foods!


Saranya Kishore said...

what a- said is true. And this post doesnt help too!! :--D
So write something more interesting, without too much coloring. When you have the substance you dont need the external decoration, we will read it with all enthu. :--)

Zeppelin said...

err...RS.. what can I say..actually really cant think of anything to say..:D

saranya - how long have you been waiting to say this ? :P oh and btw, should I send a gift for the display of 'Nati camaraderie? :P :)

RS said...

saranya - :), thanks for the frank feedback, I managed to output something more "Deep", might be just as uninteresting though, you have been warned :p

arun - otardu ellam otitu, enna, what can I say?! Naaansense! :))

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