July 30, 2006

Visiting the Grocery Store.

So the whole discussion started when k started wondering about Lego Mindstorms possibilities! He bought himself a little toy over the weekend but I will let him do the honors and describe it with a page long essay, I will focus on what he thought his toy should be made to do.

"What if the robot could shop for us?! Then we don't have to go every weekend for groceries!"

This whole discussion occurred just outside our local Indian grocery store, Sagar and it left me puzzled. I actually look forward to going to Sagar every weekend. I mean, I am not a "Wheee! I love shopping" kind of girl but I do like to go to Sagar, read the desi ads on the store window, linger over the big pile of video cassettes and DVDs and I like to see human activity around me :p, greet and be greeted by familiar faces, once a week.

k on the other hand cannot understand why he should be pulled away from his robot for a precious half-hour to buy fresh curry leaves and expensive toor dal :)

And since we have had this discussion several times and have just agreed to disagree on the topic, I'll just file this aside as another one of those guy-girl things that I never seem to "get".

I rented out a Hindi DVD, Gangster this week, at least I have my excuse for my next weekend visit, "We have to return the DVD! It's a new movie and it's been lying here for a week!"


kamal said...

O God! I have to go to Sagar again. Crap! .. :P

Shiva said...

actually it would be cool if we have a robot to watch the hindi & tamil movies instead of us guys.. now, thatz what you call exciting possibility.

Subha said...

Kamal has weird ideas like flying inside Walmart with a glide/plane or whatever contraption he thinks will help him...:)

So, the robot idea doesn't surprise me...

Saranya Kishore said...

>>k on the other hand cannot understand why he should be pulled away from his robot for a precious half-hour to buy fresh curry leaves and expensive toor dal :)

Isnt it so he can get to eat some nice home cooked food?? :--) Or does he not 'like' home food? ;--)

And yes, I like going grocery shopping, so nice to do those mundane activities and 'unwind' after a long week.

dinesh said...

Paavam, kozhandhaya pottu nacharayaa ? :)

RT said...

ramya, i agree with you...going to these stores does give a nice feeling...

Parth said...

Not if you know how much they charge you .... they make a margin of 100% on everything they sell. Grrrr!

RTD2 said...

Just wondering, does it have to be both of you going to the store? What happens if he says he wants to stay back and play with his it okay for you to go alone? I'm trying to understand how marriage works, so forgive me if I'm way out of line here :)

Prabu Karthik said...

pesama nee mattum shopping po, let K be at home doing what he likes

RS said...

kamal - lol :p

shiva - guys think the same :)

subha - :)

saranya - he does like home-cooking but just doesn't like to "prepare" for it :p

dinesh - epo man nee enna support panna pora?! :)

rt - thanks buddy!

parth - agreed, at least that's a valid reason not to go :)

rtd2 - I guess I can go alone if I want to but then there's no fun in going to the grocery store alone and not troubling your better half and enjoying the process (*wicked grin*)

Like another of those wise people said, "I am glad I found the person that I want to annoy for the rest of my life" :))

p~k - no fun :)

kamal said...

Ok, guys and gals, thank you for your support. Ramya is going go shopping alone. I will cite this blog as a reason for that.

I am going to stay home and play with my Mindstorms NXT. Maybe I can program the "bot" to do grocery shopping someday, so that I can spend some quality time with my wife ;)

parth, I thought profit margins for grocery stores were 1 ~ 3% after all expenses.

Parth said...

Kamal, same this: rs. 240 thing sold for $11. 100% in my books.

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