July 25, 2006

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Movie Update: The past two weeks have been "Bollywood vaaaaram" for me, watched a whole bunch of Masala movies: 36 China Town, Fanaa, Shaadi Se Pehle, Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Malamaal Weekly and Krishhh (yet to watch)...whew!

Book Update: Still working on “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”, it says we need to rise with the sun. I really want to do that, at least once in my life! “I am that” – talks with Sri Nisargadatta is next (My library was sweet enough to get the book for me :)

Dream Update
: I woke up remembering bits of a really strange dream, that I was still not married and my parents were selecting a guy for me. I was actually chatting with this guy and talking to him on phone…I vaguely remember dreaming that he was cute, he also looked a bit like k but had morphed features from a number of familiar yet unfamiliar faces (this is such a common occurrence in my dreams – the face is so familiar, but I can’t place one name on it!). How does this dream process work anyway? I am pretty sure my subconscious was not mulling over anything related to a wedding, especially mine :)

Quirky Update: So, I bought this chapstick at the airport and it was kind of frozen. So, I left it out in my car so that it becomes a bit more goooey, and it did. When I opened it the next time, a tube full of liquid squirted out on me and promptly solidified. Never try to melt a stubborn solidified chapstick.

Talk Update: We were discussing work, vacation and time-off and what we would do if we took a half-day off and I remembered the time k did that. When I came home in the evening, a tasty aroma wafted from the kitchen, books and magazines were neatly piled up on the table and everything was in it’s place. He opened the door with a ladle in hand and a welcoming smile, I almost had the urge to say, “Honey, I am home!” but then I didn’t have the hat to toss :)

Acronym Update
: Heard of SAHM? What?! You don’t know about Stay-at-home-moms? Bus told me about S/D-INK (Single/Double-Income No Kids). Hmm…we learn something new every day!

Article Update: Here's a nice article by Shobhaa De.

Food Update: Tried to be healthy and all and cooked brown rice! Pretty good for a first attempt!

“Mental” Update: Sometimes life’s just a series of rewinds and reruns. That’s what makes it so hard to live in the present, as the wise men say. They must be really wise, those men, they sure had a lot of things to say.


RT said...

u dont have a work update...r u doing something at work ;-))))

Subha said...


Lo! This blogpost is a stellar example of how many thoughts run in our heads...we have so much to think about and say! :)

Personally, this week is a no-think policy for me. I have stopped all unnecessary thoughts and decided to be totally care-free...let's see. Will tell you by the end of this week how it went..

Kumari said...

Did you actually like the brown rice? We tried that too as part of our diet but The Mr vetoed it after the first taste :)

Now am wondering what to do with the rest of the pack :)

RS said...

rt - err...that's confidential, sorry! :))

subha - no-think policy sounds like a wont-work-policy to me :)) Lemme know!

kumari - I think I liked it because of all the extra yummy stuff that went into it (the wild-oats recipe) else it would have been pretty miserable :p

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