July 18, 2006

A motley post.'s 4.45 PM, so if we leave in half an hour, I can have a light tiffin, maybe bread with honey. Do we have bread at home? I wonder if we get that super-soft Sara Lee bread at Kroger...hmm, else we can stop by at Meijers and buy bread and some butter milk, maybe pick a Hindi movie from Sagar.

# # # random thoughts # # #

Man! my leg aches, am I not exercising enough? Or did I over-exert myself at the swimming pool yesterday? I really have to start lifting weights else I am headed towards Carpal Tunnel for sure!

# # # random thoughts # # #

If I find time, maybe I can arrange the pantry, it's really a mess...drat! I forgot to use the strawberries and it's been a week, so much for my strawberry spinach salad!

# # # random thoughts # # #

I have to, have to do my laundry today. Maybe I can put my clothes in the washer, finish vacuuming the kitchen...I need to arrange the closet and drop the big bundle lying in the trunk, at Salvation army...I wonder what k's mom would think if she saw the state my closet is in!

# # # random thoughts # # #

Let's see, it's 5 PM, If I leave now, I can...

Ping! A chat window appears on my screen:

K - "Hey! I am going to play TT here, be back in half an hour." much for my over-active trail of thoughts and frenzied planning. Back to ajax or comet or whatever cleaning product is hot for web-based apps now!

Also, new story up. If you have nothing better to do - oh, come on, whom are you kidding now? Stop playing that stupid cycle game :) and do check it out.

I also changed the layout of my blog a bit because unlike you, I have lots of time - I don't play stupid cycle game :)


kamal said...

That is the reason why I don't try to deduce your thoughts :)

Btw, home at 6 PM today, need to play TT and yeah ... need to finish all the levels of the cycle game :P

Ardra said...

Indian ISPs have blocked blogspot and am making a backdoor entry...

nice rambling...
and now let me go read the new story...blocked or not...

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey RS,
Nice story. How old is the narrator?

Regarding the random thoughts, I have stopped worrying about stuff that goes waste sitting in my fridge. Kitchen/cooking stuff stay way back in my head during the week. ;-)

And I am enjoying the cycle game, though I have a long way to go ;-)

Siva said...

Hi, It's me again. You said your legs ache. Then you are worried about Carpal Tunnel. Carpal Tunnel occurs at the wrist. I don't mean to bug you. Just sharing information. :)

RT said...

the cycle game is cool...only i dont get it :-)

RS said...

kamal - and how stupid of me to give a link to the game?! I only realized it when I saw you use my blog to get to the game!

ardra - :)

saranya - am assuming the narrator is a teenager in school.

You are caught into the cycle web also now?!

siva - yo dude, sigh...unfortunately I do know all about carpal and where it occurs, because I have the beginnings of the syndrome, thanks to my profession.

And regarding the leg ache and capral tunnel, that's how random my thoughts are!

kamal said...

Btw, that is my perma link for BMX Backflips! :)

Siva said...

Hey! Thanks for the link to that cycle game. Useful when I need a break from my blogging. :)

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