January 02, 2006

A new ignorable post!

There goes one of my new year resolutions - to be on time, be it to a party or to write a post :) I've been meaning to write this post since last year (I know, sorry, I just couldn't resist the "last-year" joke in this post), anyway, here goes...

Wish you all a very happy new year. I hope 2006 is a year that sees us achieve atleast some of our dreams, personal legends (from The Alchemist - I believe we can have more than one!), that makes us dream bigger, better dreams, that brings us closer to friends and family, that helps us forgive and forget those that we should...that keeps us happy and at peace with ourselves.

I watched a bunch of good movies the past few weeks - Casablanca (thanks to Senthil), Must love dogs and Flavors (thanks to Arun) - liked them all, do watch.

And tomorrow will see me keep up one of my new year resolutions - am going to join YMCA tomorrow and gosh, am so excited about it!!! (man! even saying that and the additional exclamation marks do not generate even a touch of enthusiasm in me about exercising - I just hope its not as mind-numbingly boring as I fear it would be).

And 2006 has now seen me write one of my most unrelated, disconnected and inconsequential posts of all times - I promise to do better as the year proceeds :)


RTD2 said...

Happy new year, Ramya! I'm afraid your post isn't ignorable if it got me to comment ;)

Ardra said...

Wishing you wonderful Year ahead...

Prabu Karthik said...

hey RS

Happy new year. pudhu foto.. kalakkals:)

btw i have one honest feedback n something else,
how come u landed with these color combos? i mean pink is ok.
but font colors of green and blue(for links) and a violet (or is that)for title?

it wud be great if u can change the green and light blue - against a white bg suthama contrast illa

Atleast New year la idhai maathu :)

Zeppelin said...

:) ..HNY again ! Good Luck with your resolution... :)


Prabu Karthik said...

my feedback slightly vaapus.
yr template looks better from home :D
bg whiteum illa. it looked like white from my office machine

Kumari said...

Happy New Year!
Yeah, we are still making that one trip to YMCA to pay our fees and join. Damn! Hopefully it will happen this year :)
And i am joining only for the pottery classes they might hold once a month :)

IBH said...

hey happy New year!!!

An Idiot... said...

Well, if u are really serious about working out, this is not the right time for taking that resolution. You should take it sometime in March/April. That being the most common resolution, all the gyms will be prety crowded. The crowd will frustrate you and unavailability of equipments will make you abhor workouts and abandon your routine in a few months(being generous). This is my experience. My 2 cents.

RS said...

rtd2 - :)

ardra - thanks!

p~k - ipo am confused, I guess I should leave the template as is now? :)

arun - yeah, rite thanks mate :)

kumari - and for me its yoga :)

ibh - to you too!

bingo-boy - sigh...more and more hurdles that I must bravely face!

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