January 24, 2006

Sky, Toast, TV, Earth and a Story - talk about overloading!

I drove alone today, after a long time and I chose the right time to drive too. The sky decided to experiment with the right shades of colors - a bright pink and orange right in front of me, as if I am driving towards its core, to a less distinct, paler shade of orange and hints of blue, a sudden shift to a dark blue and finally a greyish black cover, just as I parked.


And I walked in to find crispy brown toasts and hot tea all set nicely at the table, thanks to k, who decided to be a work-at-home husband today.

Also nice.

No, not just because its fun to work from home but because we got our new television delivered home today. So, I watched, amazed at how big my TV looked compared to the tiny box we had earlier.

Realllly nice.

But my post today is not about the perfect shade of pink or crispy bread slices or the wide-screen TV. Its about saving the earth :) In reply to Dinesh's tag (and am still wondering what made him think that I could come up with 3 ways to save the earth! Maybe its because I dwell so much on trivialities, he wanted to see how incongruous a post on saving the earth would look like, in this space :),

* Firstly, why save the earth? For posterity, of course! OK, so if we are doing something for our future generations, we need to make sure that there is some entity that can be termed "future generation" or in other words, assuming some natural calamity doesn't make mankind perish, we need to first make sure, we don't kill ourselves and leave the earth safe but empty :) (Yeah, yeah, drama, alright but a tiny point hidden in the drama.)

There are a million ways, a million reasons for which men hurt men. Am going to just touch upon one - hate crimes. For example, crimes inflicted due to racial prejudices. More relevant and real to NRIs like us. So, what can we do? Teach our kids to not make the mistakes that people make today (and that ofcourse involves teaching ourselves to respect, in the real sense of the word, people who are not like us - how many times have you heard people say, "Oh xyz, thats a totally ----- area!") Yes, they do that at school but perhaps we can be more careful before making statements that even insinuate such things. Maybe we teach them, sincerely, to not be prejudiced, not because that is "right" but because we "feel" it is right.

* OK, back to specifics. Have you ever noticed how people (mis)use the toilet tissue dispensers in restrooms? I mean its almost funny in a "seinfeld" kind of sense - its as if they are drawing water from a well using a rope - pull with your left, then your right, then your left, in fast forward, until there is no more paper left! I mean, come on! Am all for being clean but this is the limit! Keep doing this and you won't have the one square (tissue) that you desperately need (remember that Seinfeld episode with Elaine?) :)

* Carpool - If you use public transport to get to work, great! If not, atleast car-pool! I know its tricky - you have to work out the going time, the returning time and make sure you are comfortable car-pooling but once that's done, it might actually work and make for a less boring drive to work!

And that's that. Three things that my little mind could come up with to save the earth (Aarti, hope this is in the spirit of what you began, apologies if not). And now, the fun part - I tag Kamal, Bus and Kumari to see what they can come up with!

And oh yeah, the story, it's here, do check it out :)


hellboy said...

So did you get a HDTV. I have heard, yeah only heard, that you can even see the sharp picture of the grass blades on a football field

RS said...

hellboy - HDTV-capable not enabled - they have million such definitions to just confuse us :)

And then you have to get a tuner, pay extra to get the HDTV channels actually.

So yes, I have a TV that can show HD stuff but not just yet :)

IBH said...

it is pretty costly...we are moving in to a new townhome and were planning to look out for HDTV...

but it is pretty expensive as u said....and btw, am carpooling...:) so in some sense am saving the earth too :)

dinesh said...

Well written !

The point about hate crimes was very good. The point in doing these tags, is to get people thinking and I think your point did make me think ! So crudely put, velayattukku kooda mathavangala keezh tharamaa pesa koodaadhu nu solre ? (pertaining to race issues)

And as to why I chose you, priya and PK. There were a few reasons.

1. I felt that the 3 of you would have put some thought into this even before RT/myself brought this up.

2. I wanted creative yet "do-able" lists. I thought you were good candidates to do just that.

3. All 3 of you would take this seriously and answer it sincerely.

4. Except for the "Lexington" intersection, the 3 of you had different audience and the reach would be wider.

Did I justify myself well enough ? :)

hellboy said...

yeah that is correct. once the HDTV feature is enabled you should be able to watch the HDTV programming of the network channels (CBS,NBC...)at no extra cost.

and sorry about steering the discussion away from its intended purpose :-) I stop right now.

Ajay said...

visiting ur site for the firs-time found it interesting......
lovery poste mate

RTD2 said...

Hey Ramya, I had a feeling you'd get tagged eventually, so I didn't do it! But thanks for taking it up. Branching into non-environmental stuff is not what I had in mind, but it's awesome! Btw, carpooling was one of the mini-points I made already, so you owe me one more suggestion :)

Jinguchakka said...

Orange, Pink Sky!! Great. Would love to see the Sun and the warmth. Hmm...

And I guess water bidets are more effective and eco-friendly that tissue papers!

RS said...

IBH - good luck with your TV search!

Dinesh - Yes, your blog here justfied it :)

hellboy - np, I still have a lot to learn about this hd stuff!

ajay - thanks!

rtd2 - hmm...thats a tough one, will try to come up with another one!

jinguchakka - maybe...water or paper, as long as we dont misuse it, we are ok :)

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