January 03, 2006

One day to 2007!


It's 2006!

Are you still doing the same things that you did in 2005 that you promised yourself you wouldn't carry over to 2006? Then, stop! Do what you love, channelize your creative energy, join a class, write cute little notes to your loved ones and tell them "I love you" everyday until they start giving you this really strange look and ask you if you are alright.

Yes, we have all read all these inspiring stories and talks about doing what you love and basically, everything that I mentioned above that I don't care to repeat. And then you are really inspired for those four minutes after you read the article and you look around you with steel grit and iron determination (and other metals that are really strong and also easy to remember, unlike zirconium, which makes for a really bad adjective) and you thump once on your table to seal your resolve. Then, while you realize that you really need to clean your table, judging by the dust particles that just jumped up when you thumped, you also realize that this is not the first time that you resolved to do something different in life!

As moments turn into days and days into little chunks of monotony easily forgotten, you also end up forgetting your resolve to do something different, to make a difference in your life.

And I ask, what better day than...err, the third day of the new year (I knew I should have written this post on Jan 1st!), to question what we do and more importantly, what we are not doing!

So, go on, join that pottery class, call up Michaels for the next painting session, do your laundry, vacuum the carpet...that didn't sound right, sorry, that's just a part of my daily-chores-list and not be-creative-list. Where was I? Yeah, just do your thing, surprise yourself and do something you wouldn't normally do.

See, I knew I was bad at this inspiring-speech business. So, I'll just stick to what I do best - write random stuff. Yup, I do a great job at that!

And remember you have 362 days to make a difference but that doesn't mean you have to wait that long. Just pretend you have just one day left in 2006 and do what you would do then (hopefully you are not thinking of just getting drunk and waiting for 2007 :)


thennavan said...

New Look! New RS!!
I mean Rare Snap :-)

ak said...

ennavo po... vara vara nee pesaradhey blog maadhiri dhan irukku.. :) and i think we already talked about this.. hehe..

anyways, nice post..

aguy_withguts said...

Really??? Does this even count as a post...I have read through some of your posts, while some are reasonable, most are like this...either ways, If i put my critical hat on: 1. you seem to lose focus very quickly, right after first paragraph in most cases. 2. Style of writing/narration sounds mostly "inspired"

For someone aspiring(or considered) to be a creative writer and with this kind of posts(even posts from Whimsical Raconteur), there sure seems to be a long way to go...Good Luck and Best Wishes :)

You seem to have only one set of audience - either your close circle of friends or those who dont want to lay down the truth.

Well here is a good start for some constructive criticism folks!

RS said...

thennapun, ak - :)

aguy_withguts - :) I like that name, really! But, am sure there are several others who would have the "guts", as you call it, to give me constructive criticism :)

Hmm...creative writer, I like the tone of those words, not sure if I am one or considered one but in any case, sometimes I write "random stuff", write what can never be considered a good piece of writing just because I want to write that...I dont necessarily have to write beautiful, related, focused posts...sometimes (most times) I tend to and enjoy to just ramble on...

But much appreciate your comments, danke :)

another guy with guts and a URL said...

Actually, I quite enjoy the ramblings :) Please Continue :)

I enjoy reading whimsical too :)

Ricky said...

I was just hopping around the blog world and of course i had to stop here and comment!

So, go on, join that pottery class, call up Michaels for the next painting session, do your laundry, vacuum the carpet...

I was juz wondering if i had read too many blogs today and that I was not really able to follow the post, but after reading "aguy_withguts" comments, I came to know that I was not the only person who was confused! :)

RS said...

k - :)

Ricky - glad you *had* to stop here and comment :)

And some of you also with guts should really read this great post by Megha. I wish I had written it first...oh well :)

hellboy said...

Oh, easy there Siva. This is a blog which is maintained more like a personal journal. It takes the course of the author’s state of mind at any given time. It is more anecdotic than organized writing. Thats what makes it likable for readers like me. So your “gutsy” feedback should find its way to Whimsical Raconteur than here.

And, you dont actually need guts to post your critical comments here, dont you think so:-)
You need guts to
1)Go for 4th and 1 with the entire nation watching you, knowing a failure would bring your 3 year winning streak to a screeching halt against your arch rivals, knowing that it would start a tremendous second guessing in the history of the game. (SoCal vs Notre Dame)
2)To take it and run on a fake punt, knowing that a failure will almost seal all your chances of gaining respect when no one gave a damn about you (Georgia vs W Virginia)

cant help the football analogy here. an overdose of excellent football for the past three days with the championship fever running high made me go for this analogy :-)

RS said...

hellboy - Thanks, couldn't have said that better myself :)

And just for that, I hope your favourite team wins!

dinesh said...

@ aguywithguts,

I am sure we all want to critique our friends work and make them better. But you seem to have a whole new meaning for "constructive".

"For someone aspiring(or considered) to be a creative writer and with this kind of posts(even posts from Whimsical Raconteur), there sure seems to be a long way to go"

How can a person ever mean that sentence in a constructive way ? Beats me ? If I don't think a post is worth commenting on, I just don't comment. I don't come out with a stupid ass comment like that and call myself a guy with guts !! You must realize that these people write almost on a daily basis and certain posts are bound to be less "commentable" or less attractivce to people. That does not mean I can use that as an opportunity to take an ego blow at the writer !

"You seem to have only one set of audience - either your close circle of friends or those who dont want to lay down the truth"

And what exactly is wrong with close friends commenting here ? If you observe closer, a lot of us friends have commented on her style and changes she should implement as a writer. Yes, constructive critisicm. Not the kind you claim to associate yourselves with !

Kumari said...

I like to ramble. And i like people who ramble. So i like this post :)

As for creative masterpieces of literary acclaim, well when one is not born as Keats, the least one could do is keep blabbing till one day a pearl falls out. I realised that if i wait for inspiration, i run out of steam and disappear altogether. So please to ramble :)

Zeppelin said...

totally agree with Dinesh and Kumari here....

sometimes people say "hey thats a beautiful name.." .. but then whats in a name right ?

and theres "All that Glitters is not Gold" or whatever..

the point is you can proudly come in here and have the "guts" to comment "constructively", and even put your "name" in here and make yourself look good... but you dont need to hide behind an "anonymous commenter" to do that if you really had the "guts" mate ?? comprende ??

RS said...

dinesh, arun, kumari - thanks :) Sweet of you all to do this. Glad to ramble on :)

hellboy said...

it was one heck of a game, one of the best ever. Though SC plays in our conference i was pulling for Texas. Glad they pulled it off.

Shiva said...

hey rs !

awesome blog & so much of activity as a result of a comment from my namesake !

Urs is a terrific blog and I simply love the way you write - the topics, the vocabulary, the digressions - wonderful. I hope you ignore the 'critical hat' remarks and keep this journal up the same way..

your rambling is just tooo awesome.

Anupama Viswanathan said...

RS, should I say I feel so stupid to realise who you are, only after looking at your pic and (then linking it to your 'mosakutti' url)? (though am wondering whether you figured out who I am!)

Sorry to have deviated from the post, but couldn't help leaving this comment!! :)

RS said...

hellboy - glad :)

shiva - many thanks :) Glad to read your response.

anupama - Hmm...I have been trying to year my junior in bits?

Anupama Viswanathan said...

id last three - 157, 98 batch..the girl who drew a pic of her ID grandpop in your room (during a ragging session!) and yes, an art n dee'ite! :)

RS said...

anupama - ok, now am curious - who was your id grand pop ;) ?

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