July 19, 2005

Love, as dictated by my pen.

Ah, the joy of putting pen on paper - it's like running into an old friend unexpectedly, the conversation often turns out to be pleasant and ...unpredictable! And, so it is with this experiment, I command not what my hand decides to scribble, it is the pen I hold that dictates what my thoughts are to be, coloring them as it paints a picture, mere wisps of outlines seen only to the discerning eye to begin with but more defined as the ink begins to dry...

Trailing epithets that demand to be associated with the lazy eyes - dreamy, beguiling... :)

From my archives, more for relevance than anything spectacular - A slight lifting of the corners of the mouth, an almost imperceptible smoothening of the crinkles of the forehead, perhaps a dimple that winks at us from one cheek…a small wave rising from the lips, touching upon every feature of the face, gently coaxing the eyes to speak, to evoke, creating magic for the one who receives it…a smile.

My surrender complete.


kamal said...

wow :)
How do you think of such things?

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the nature of this realization- is this an one-time irreversible event? or is it a condition with a not-so-clear equilibrium?

IBH said...

I second K's comment..

How could you think of such things?;)

i am growing to be a big fan of ur reflections blog more than the short story one...i think this is more versatile! :)getting a sneak peek into all sorts of materials that you can offer :))

RS said...

To kamal: :)) I half expected to see the cute crying baby link again!

To anon: hmm...interesting question. I guess the answer would depend on age and maturity. As we grow older, as the relationship grows stronger we hover close to equilibrium perhaps.

To ibh: thanks :)) Do visit the other site too, lest the raconteur should get lonely :)

rajesh said...

Long time since I visited ur blog!
Glad I visited :)
U r becoming a trend setter of all sorts in the world of blogs!

Sriram C S said...

Hmm...the pen always gets the best in the keyboard by miles!!

RS said...

To Rajesh: Glad you visited :)

To agnibarathi: :)

Kumari said...

Nice post and a nicer blog.
Liked your 'Stolen Impressions' a lot...esp the translations :)

Keep up the good work!

RS said...

kumari, coming from a poetess like you...thanks :)

Anonymous said...

nice poems.
Take time and immerse yourself in madame bovary.It is an awesome book.

Anonymous said...

Hi RS,
I am a Big Fan of U'rs...I always wonder how u can write so well...
Excellent post

One last thing..U have a beautiful handwriting...cursive writing...i have a very bad handwriting and after coming to US I stopped touching the hand writing is worst now...

Keep up u r work....any plans to write profesionally.......y dont u take up some journalism course in UKY...just a thought


RS said...

To anon: plan to get back Madame bovary sidetracked by A suitable boy and harry potter :)

To K: Thanks :) I love compliments on my handwriting :))

Are you a K from UKY? Am getting confused with all the Ks - baby k, kp, kay Thought about enrolling for a writing course...and like many small things, forgot about it...

Prabu Karthik said...

rombo vidyasamana post.
i was actually put of by scanned images.2 naal padikalai. ange ange lesa vikram seth padicha effect?:)

beautiful. keep writing. but maybe employ some one to key in your penned thoughts:)

"..Am getting confused with all the Ks..."

kekave evlo sandhosama irukku theriyuma? :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey RS,
I am not from UKY i'm in Michigan..After this post I spent my whole evening reading all u r posts..yeppa kalakitinga.....serious u should leave u r job and start writing profesionally...serious RS..loved all u r posts..i am envy after if i comment in u r blog it would be KSP
From u r Fan..
moreover I think u r getting married soon or have been married..My best wishes...

Good Luck Keep writing for a fan of u rs from Michigan


Eshwar said...

Thats amazing.

I was given to understand by another blogger who frequents your blog, that your blogging diction is very very good. So decided to take a peek. To say the least, I was not disappointed. Impressive.

Shiva said...


Maybe you should keep up your date with the pen more often.

simply WOW !

A. Noname Moose said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A. Noname Moose said...

An eternity ago, when we still kissed,
I stole a peek at her closed eyes,
During a particularly passionate kiss,
And wondered what pictures played,
In those eyes that dreamt my dreams.

PS: It's probably obvious, but, note that it's "my dreams", not "dreams of me". I don't want to come across as being conceited.

PPS: Do you think that was "feminine"? I have been told that some of the people that read my comments think they are "feminine". I fail to see what logic that conforms to. *confused* ( I wrote this when I first read your post - but held back from posting because of this :-/ )

PPPS: To those that are concerned... (I see no reason why you should be) - I'm not KP, KP is not me.


RS said...

To P~K: Sema compliment po, thanks :)

To KSP: Thanks, mikka nandri :))

To eshwar: Welcome here and thanks a lot :)

To ANM (Satish): Ah...the curtains open to reveal our own poet from Lexington :)

In response to your:

PS - "...I don't want to come across as being conceited..."

You never do.

PPS - No, I don't think your comments are "feminine"...they are beautiful, I have already asked you when you are going to start posting these in your blog...would love to read them. I wish you wouldn't hold back from posting :(

RT said...

Awesome...I read through all your articles..I think i like reflections better :-)...
It was great hearing ur voice and seeing ur handwriting :-)
Seeing ur handwriting, brings back memories of how we used to kottify in bday cards..


RS said...

RT, welcome! I need your blogsite url ASAP :)

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