July 29, 2005

A little bit of everything :)

The air conditioner in our office conked out today morning and I couldn't be happier about it. Without the constant hum of the AC, everything seems more...real, believe it or not. I almost feel like I am a bank employee working in Madras - I hear all the familiar sounds associated with it - table fans, people talking, a sultry feel all around me, the clickity clacks of keyboards, I hear everything more clearly and somehow, I feel better about it all :)

For those not able to keep up with my n blog updates, here's a gist - am writing a non-short story, well, not exactly a mega serial type story but a long one nevertheless...I wish I could write like Shobha Narayanan or Amulya Maladi, the way they weave food, spices and smells into their novels without breaking the flow of their narration, oh well, if wishes were horses...!

I saw b & p's marriage video recently and it was a pleasant experience. You should see the genuine smiles and the almost palpable, childlike excitement that adorns the faces of the maamis and mamas who come to bless the newly wedded couple...whether it is singing during the oonjal ceremony or watching the kasi yatra or wishing them during the reception, it's obvious that they are present fully, if you know what I mean, they are not thinking of the stinging smoke, the elaborate rituals, the never-ending queue assembled to wish the couple, the confused and loud mantrams, squeals of laughter, loud chatter that make it difficult for one to even hear one's own voice and every other inconvenience that completes the beautiful picture of a wedding...they are there because they care and that's what matters to them...and to us!


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I felt the same way about the AC thing...the AC in our office is too damn loud too what with all the servers, etc...I came to know that my chair squeaked (rather irritatingly) only then...:).

Will try to catch up with the stories, u r too fast for me though...

Well, I'm the first to comment so that I don't have to read others comments...hehe.


. : A : . said...

Interesting set of blogs here. Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.

Prabu Karthik said...

matrum oru kalyana post:)

ellam irukaradhu dhaan:)

Sriram C S said...

Interestingly, I was just taught the Unjal pAttu by my music teacher (to sing at my thAthA's sadhAbhishEkam). unga kalyAnathukku azhaippu vanthAl angEyum pAdarEn (kEkka ALirunthAl)!!;-)

RS said...

To KP: :)
To a: Thanks!
To P~K: ahem...:)
To agnibarathi: sure...I wish I knew atleast one pattu to sing, atleast decently!

IBH said...

wow more and more wedding the date nearing?:)

RS said...

IBH, yes, stay tuned for updates :)

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