July 18, 2005

Loud and Clear, unpopularly yours.

Baby steps towards Audioblogging, thanks to the blogger folks and lazy geek :)

this is an audio post - click to play

Yes, I know, but that's my voice and I have made peace with that fact!

* * *

It's official, confirmed, stamped and sealed. My theory of ordinality (as defined by me) along with P~'s theory of the unpopulars leads me to believe that I shall remain an insignificant speck in this universe from now on, with no hope of recovery :)

A short summary of P's theory would be the popularity scale in decreasing order shown here:
  • Single girl

  • Married girl ~ Single guy

  • Married guy

Well, atleast am not the married guy :))


Prabu Karthik said...

was able to hear but was not able to understand fully. "before getting back to work purinchudhu..
before that?"

btw is lazygeek
the L you mentioned sometime back?


A. Noname Moose said...

Offtopic comment:

Since your blog is so popular, you may want to consider Google AdSense. If you don't need the money, you could maybe give it away to a charity of your choice.

Here is what prompted this comment:
Slashdot Adsense story

IBH said...

I think i have lot of things to catch up on!:(

RS said...

To P~K: "just had to do this before getting back to work"...lazy geek is linked on my blogroll list, not L (my bro) :)

To ANM: Thanks, will defly look into it. Also, edited my blog after your comment on popularity - inspired a whole trail of thoughts to the contrary :)

To IBH: is real simple, try it!

kamal said...

I do note the similarity between a married girl and a single guy :)

- soon to be married guy

Prabhu said...

u put down the order just the right way i think of!
thinking in terms of age:

1. young unmarried girl
2. young unmarried guy
3. old engaged girl (dont put the blame on me if u think of uRSelf)
4. old unmarried guy
5. young/old doesnt matter, married guy!

K, the crying baby incredibly looked like u :)

Sriram C S said...

*Ahem* Let me just say that I have seen quite some exceptions to that theory...(besides being an exception myself). Amen!! ;)

Sriram C S said...

And yeah, kindly check my new post on soundaryam...might be interesting!

RS said...

To kamal: hilarious :)) Like the kids sing out "Ne ne ne ne ne, you are gonna be a married man" (sing along with me now :))

To agnibarathi: :))

Is that the short story you had written?

Sriram C S said...

@RS - Two things - It is not a story, It is not short (It is done in two parts) ;)

FSN 2.2 said...

Nice voice there...

Maybe you should start posting a lot more audio clips.

Btw - been here for a couple of years and no accent?

RS said...

To fierysinews: Thanks.

I try to avoid the accent where possible :) I doubt I have much of an accent after 5 yrs here though...

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