July 08, 2005

Little somethings.

So many little lessons to learn and so little's like that!

A couple of kids came to visit us today at work and kind of made our day. They were all shy and smiling, genuinely happy to see us and glowing in all their innocence. I couldn't help smiling back and feeling the warmth that they seemed to surround themselves with. I just can't place my finger on it, it's the same with some people - then enter a room all happy and smiling and suddenly everything around you seems to be smiling back at you, a certain happiness flows all around and you feel...well, happy :)


As if this were not enough, I have started to steal now! Been planning to for a long time anyway :) My apologies for spelling mistakes and translation mistakes, those I can claim to be my own. Remember those moments on the silver screen that you always carry with you? Those few lines in the novel that you can quote in the middle of the night? The lyrics of that one song that you can't stop humming, that means something special to you? It's just about all these things that have become a part of me - stolen (from movies and novels and poems) impressions :) (trust me to make it sound all dramatic and go overboard!)


Am on page 952 in The Suitable Boy; I wondered if I would ever cross a 500 and if I would remember all the parallel yet related stories that Vikram Seth traces in his novel but now I suspect I shall feel sad when I finish the book, that Latha, Mrs.Rupa Mehra and Pran among all the others will no longer be my side when I want them to be :( Maybe, I will draw a family tree and post it here!


I swear I heard whispers near the fountain yesterday at work, and I thought of Moaning Myrtle! Harry Potter has begun to cast his spell on me much before July 16th, I see...


I am really looking forward to As you like it, this Saturday. If you are in Lexington, you really ought to be here - open air, friendly crowd, lovely weather, fennel cakes, delightful theatre, bonhomie and all that kinda thing - can you ask for more?


An excerpt from this week's India Abroad newspaper (don't you just love reading newspapers, not online for a change?): "...The United Hindu Dharma and Vedic Identity, and Hindu, Bindu and Sindhu: Issues in Global Hindu Dharma."


OK, they are all not little lessons but they certainly are little somethings that mean a lot to me.


Prabu Karthik said...

saw yr new blog.
vikram seth piece chancey illai.
surrender naanu:-)

Shiva said...

will be awaiting a review on the as you like it...

Sriram C S said...

New BLOG is really good!!! Loved all those lines!! But ore oru chinna vishayam, chinna ra, periya ra spelling mistake konjam jaasthiyaave irukku...paarthu type pannavum. No offence meant...naane niraya tharam tappu panniduven, but it pains me to see a spelling mistake in Tamil. :-)

Prabu Karthik said...


naan sollanumnu irundhen.yo said it.


pesama nannan blogs nu thamizh blog podalaamnu irukken. dhinam visit pannanum :-)

Mythili said...

Never mind stealing ,keep posting ur stolen treasures in ur new blog.way too good!

And, ur translation of minnale from may maadham is very impressive.It had the same magical touch ,didn't lose any of its charm on translation.

RS said...

To P~K: Me also surrendered to A Suitable boy!

To Shiva: soon :)

To agnibarathi and P~K: sorry, those mistakes are not intentional, I am not well versed in Tamil (no schooling in Tamil) but I do want to start writing in Tamil, maybe with mistakes initially and then with lesser mistakes hopefully...not a big fan of Thanglish anyways :)

To mythili: Thanks :)

IBH said...

Loved ur new blog...i also love the way u want to write in Tamil..:) keep it coming RS

RS said...

IBH, thanks :) glad you like it.

Prabu Karthik said...


i never meant to say yr tamil mistakes are intentional.

tamil is tough to learn defintely.

kudos to yr efforts to learn to write in tamil.

read tamil blogs.
they would have written the words you want to use. so u can compare and re-use the same.

check out
i like his writing.
there are N others who do a fantastic job.
read lot of tamizh books/novels

Sriram C S said...

@RS - Venumnuttu intentionalla thappu pannirukka maatteengannu theriyum (intentionalla panni irunthaa kolai panniduvom!!! ;)) As Prabhu suggested, reading a lot is the best way!!!

RS said...

To P~K, agnibarathi: Will defly try to read more tamil blogs and some small books to begin with :)

RS said...

OK, I wasted some of Subha's time and got my Tamil posts corrected :)

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