January 24, 2005

At what point do we become insensitive people? What demarcates caring from callous?
The fact that I am sitting in the United States away from people I know and miss, just because I want to lead a comfortable, almost lazy life - does that make me indifferent and insensitive? Should I have stayed back with my parents? I assume these are questions that haunt every immigrant here.

Is it really worth all this emotional upheaval? Maybe we can take a few more power-cuts, a little more red-tapism, a lot more traffic-jams, a tad more inefficiency at everything - maybe we can take it all or maybe we should take it all just because we stay with the two people who made our lives what it is today.

Is it fair to ask them to change their lifestyle, ingrained in them for 50 years, to come and live with us, because we cannot change our lifestyle of 5 years and go back to where we came from?

I doubt there is a single person here in the US who thinks his life is perfect, however much we think we earn, do we really feel we have it all? Wouldn't it be nice to wake up in the night with the security that we are doing all we can, for our parents? Wouldn't it be nice to see them, talk to them everyday and fight with them over everything?

I dont want to look back when I am fifty and wish I had opened my eyes and felt what my parents must have felt thirty years back. I want to take control now and make a decision, but can I leave everything I think I achieved, and go back so easily and not hate the people who I am doing all this for, in the first place? Wouldn't that negate the very thing that I yearn for now? Who is really happy? The "Resident" or the "Non-Resident" ?

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