August 06, 2009

Ze book -- it iz out!


Wrote a book.


Collection of short stories. You might have read some of them @ wr.


Available @ CreateSpace & Amazon


Err...if you happen to buy it and read it, please do send feedback or better still, leave feedback on the amazon page (even if you don't plan to buy the book but have read some of my short stories).

What else?

Let your friends know!

What's in it for me?

Oh boy! Trick question. Let's see -- hopefully a couple of hours of reading entertainment and lots of good vibrations from me accompanied by "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you..."


SVR said...


Rathish said...

Wow, Many many congratulations!

RT said...

congratulations! i am hoping this is the first step and there are may more to come:)

Musically Me said...


Congratulations and wishing for many more to come...

Parth said...

Fantastic. You have to tell me all about the publication process. Heartiest congratulations.

Lavs said...

Congrats. You are the second person i know from the blogging world to publish a book-first being Parul Sharma.

Book available in india?

RS said...

SVR - Thanks!

Rathish - How have you been? We should get in touch!

RT - Thanks! How is Abhinav? :)

MM - :)

Parth - Sure thing!

Lavs - Am afraid currently it's only on amazon and createspace and I am guessing the $11.25 tag becomes pricey when converted to online buying is not a very economical option. Sigh. If only Penguin would accept my manuscript...*dreaming*

Vidhya said...

Hearty Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I shall read the book and leave a comment.

DR said...

congrats! will buy the book pretty soon :)

RS said...

Vidhya - :)

Anon, Deepa - Thanks! Would love to know what you thought of the book!

IBH said...

holy cow! just saw this :) congratulations dear....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Would love to read the book. I have enjoyed your blog for a long time now and this is the first time I am commenting here. Congrats again and hope to read more from you.

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