August 25, 2009

Free book offer!

My friend r~ had this neat idea to promote my book, so here goes...

Promote my book anyway you can -- blog it, tweet it, facebook it, myspace it if you into web20 or email/chat if you like slightly older technology or talk about it and write letters (if you are into ancient ;) and the person with the best results (relatively) will get a copy of The Last Laugh free (Yeah, yeah, you don't have to pay shipping or sign up for a lifetime supply of every book I output, am not conning you :p)

Also, I think I should give away a free copy in US and one in India to the person who shouts the loudest (and is heard the most :)

I suppose there ought to be a deadline for this sort of thing. Will post updates soon as I check out the response to this post (Yes, if you are the only person who responded to this post and did the needful, the book is yours to keep :p).

So there.

Please email me if you think you have shouted your throat hoarse and show me what you've got (Email threads, chat transcripts, fb pages and all that good stuff) and I promise I'll root for you to get a free copy! More points for creative advertisement of the book (like mention of particular stories, what you fancied about it (you did, didn't you? Awww...don't break my heart!) etc.

The Last Laugh facebook page (permanently on this blog on the right) has all the details about where you can buy the book (Online - Createspace, Amazon, In India @

Many thanks for the support. Much grateful.


P B said...

you can sue amazon. Romba apaman kar diya Sales Rank: #720,621 in Books

Where amazon itself has only over 300000 books.

RS said...

PB - Whee! Glad you took the time to discover this exciting statistic! But nope, this doesn't earn you the free copy :p

Lavs said...

I am glad you brought this out..wanted to tell you about promotions thro net but was shy. I would not mind doing it(though a free book offer is tempting). After all, how many people do I know who have published books...say 3??

I need some more info about the book to write a few words about you want to correspond here or take it offline?

Something i can do for my college senior though i have never met you! let me know what you think.

RS said...

Yay! Thanks Lavanya -- which batch in Bits?

All the info about the book is here:

The last laugh

You can look inside the book on amazon, shows you the first 10-15 pages or so in the book and the excerpts from all the short stories are in my short story blog (whimsicalraconteur).

The facebook page should have all the info, do let me know if you need anything else! Thanks!

Lavs said...

Cool..Will go thro the material and do a post..though it would take some time...All the best.

PS:98 batch.

Anonymous said...

Did you send it to Oprah (yet)???

Regular reader

Meera said...

Am so proud of you. Have followed your blog for a while now and have read ur short stories in whimsicalrancounteur.... Will do all i can to promote this one.
I live in Danbury,CT and can recommend this book to the library that should be able to sell some copies.
Did you try book reading in your nearby Barnes & Noble? If you have a sizable indian population.. u can expect word of mouth to travel fast(er)...

Meera said...

also what abt BITSaa.. u can get one of ur reviews in the newsletter?

RS said...

Meera -- thanks so much! I talked to Joseph Beth bookstores and they haven't gotten back to me yet. Same with my local library. Appreciate any help regarding this! I have an account in Bitsaa (the website)...and I updated my profile with the book info....anything else you can think of?

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