August 20, 2009

Do you have the time to smell the flowers?

Do you have the time to...

wander in a library from aisle to aisle until you find the book that just smells right?

walk along the beach on bare feet looking for shells that carry secrets of the ocean?

talk for hours together, not on the phone, not on chat, just plain, face to face talk, watching every twitch, grin and full-mouthed smile that lights up on the other face?

sit on a park bench and

hear temple bells and indistinct chants during an early morning walk?

listen to stories narrated by aging mouths of a time when cinemas were in black and white and real life was much more colorful than now?

think of then and now, of things that were meant to be and relationships that weren't?

uni-task? To immerse yourself and be true to one task for a while?

feel someone else's pain and pleasure?

stop and watch, to slow down and smell the flowers on the way?

click add to cart and read this book? Just kidding! All of you have time for that ;)


kamal said...

now, thats funny !

Meesha said...

its so true that many of us don't have time to do those very things... but how important they are to connect us back to our true selves..
A very beautiful post!!!

RT said...

hey...u shd have a give away on ur blog to promote ur seems to be very common in the blogging world...u shd say something like guys shd tweet abt ur book, blog abt ur book etc...and u will randomly pick one persona and give ur book. just a thought...

RS said...

kamal - :p

Meesha - Thanks. You are pretty creative yourself, just checked out your latest post but was not able to leave a comment?

RT - Neat! Check out my latest post :)

Vishnu said...

You are posts are very creative. I admire them in loads. Keep writing!

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