October 24, 2007

Words of wisdom

and how I never learn!

Remember how the hallowed "they" always told us,

"Don't talk to strangers",

"Don't fall in love" and

"If you do fall in love, make sure it's with someone who is so similar to you, people should assume he is your twin brother! Same religion, same caste, same color, same nationality, same creed..." (what does creed mean anyway?) and then "they" also said,

(with a huge sigh) "If not, at least make sure he is compatible w.r.t geographic proximity - South Indian in my case (or Madrasi for the Bombay folks)!"

But then what did we do?

We went ahead and did just the opposite. Not intentional, I assure you. We fell in love with a, Gasp! "different" guy! We also married him! Shudder! And he is not a South Indian! Swooooon!

Ok fine. That's done. We turn to the next page cautiously with a mighty resolve to follow the few remaining wise words that they might have to offer to us:

"Don't invite your in-laws or parents to stay with you in the US during winter. They will get bored out of their minds and you will run into a dry non-creative patch where you will be unable to entertain them with your antics any longer and you will run out of places (or $$$) to take them to!"

So, you would think by now, we have realized the importance of said words and we will religiously follow them? Naaaaaah. We are the same, surprisingly, we never changed! And so, we invite in-laws to stay leading well into the snowy season!

Guiltily turning to the next page, we read...

"Whatever you do, make sure you don't mix and match people from two households; much as you expect that to be a happy confusion, it will be more of a households joining hands to point out what can be improved in you and your spouse's lifestyle!"

And that is when, we decided to become smarter. No, we didn't exactly follow the last bit of advice with the huge warning sign (reminds me of the "How to...for dummies" series); we did actually end up inviting parent and in-laws to stay with us, in the US, in winter, at the same time! So, how exactly did we become smarter?

We stopped leafing through said book.


kamal said...

shudder :)

SK said...

Winter is a bad time to have parents over.Esp in the midwest.Lol what were you thinking.

But having parents and in laws at the same time is in a way good, they keep each other entertained ;--D
btw,I am not Karthik :--( The Kaarthik you know never commented on your posts. :--)

Parth said...

Who are the "they"? :-)

RS said...

kamal - seriously, don't smile! "p

sk - I hope so...btw, how do you know the Karthik that I know? The one in Seattle?

parth - Haven't ever talked to them in person but they sure do have a lot of advice to give; you see, they are wise :p

Parth said...

Reminds me of the movie "the others". You can hear them occassionally but cannot see them :-)

GG said...

oh gosh!! I think having either or tends to be a handful...looks like you have 4 handsful :)

RS said...

parth - :) That was one scary movie! Loved it but couldn't get it off my head for long!

gg - 3 :) Dad is too busy to come!

frissko said...

:)...good luck...and yea, 'they' told me stuff too..and i've belitted 'their' advice and wisdom so much that my clan is on the verge of disowning me :)...

IBH said...

you have been tagged gal :)

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