October 08, 2007

Andal - a composition.

Ages ago, s~ and a~ decided to get creative and I decided to piggyback on the brainstorming process in the hope that some of the good stuff gets into my grey cells also and the result follows:

s~ wrote:

kOdhai avaL, pEdhai avaL,
thenkiLai rAdhai avaL;
soodi koduththAL avaL, nAdi thudiththAL avaL,
ranganai koodi mudiththAL aval.

rs~ wrote:

Daughter of the earth, infatuated so,
O, Radhai of the South,
who touched and sanctified,
pined in impassioned anticipation,
and became one with Rangan!

a~ sang!


dinesh said...

Super ! S, A, and RS ! All 3 of you kalakkal...

arun said...

coooooooolll!! :)

RS said...

dins - thanks :)

arun - see, your keywords email made this happen! :))

P B said...

3 perula..enaku arun oda dhan best!

IBH said...

ellarum sendhu kalakku kalakkunu kalakkurenga....wish i was in that gang with you guys...nan atleast thalam potturuppen :))))

RS said...

ibh - :))

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