September 21, 2007

Relaaaaaaax, am not cool!

I think all of us need a nice, hearty throw-up session once in a while, a sort of emotional purging so we can "letitgooooo" and get on with our lives. I don't know if you noticed, but I think I am done teetering on the edge of insanity; I have official moved over to the "other" side. No, not to Voldemort's camp, silly! I mean just in life, I think it's high time I ack the fact that I am a bit crazy. Although, this does not give you the liberty to do the following:

You may not give me a "girl-over-the-edge" look and say "Relaaaax" in that annoyingly slow and stupid fashion, especially not at social get-togethers. An example might be:

A one-year-old is running around the house, darting under tables and tripping over legs and I watch her with a little bit of anxiety that is probably apparent on my face and then I hear, "Relaaaaax, Ramya, she will be fine". Jeez! I am relaxed, lady! If I relax anymore, I might go into a coma!

This happens quite often with me, maybe, people (mostly women, I wonder why) realize subconsciously that the word "relaaaax" ticks me off and they just want to experiment to see if I would completely lose it!

"The house is one fire!"



Sometimes, it's as if k has fun watching me become uncomfortable. He does just the things that would make me look like a nervous, over-the-edge, control freak. And then the above mentioned people would go, "Relaaaaaaaax, Ramya".


I have this uncanny super-power (ahem) to observe myself as not-myself :p And I notice I do that more often when am in a mixed social gathering - close friends + not-so-close friends + cool people + not-so-cool people. k, who considers himself cool will do a "cool" act and the not-so-cool people will immediately turn on their "righteousness-radars" and go tsk, tsk. And then the "me" that is watching "me" goes, "Uh oh, social gaffe alert, social gaffe alert!"

In my mind, somehow this will all turn into a big social blunder and k and I will be ostracized and we shall pack our small belongings and walk towards the village...hmm, well, not exactly, but I remember watching that scene in a movie (Thambiku enda ooru?) and that image stayed back with me. k thinks it's stuffy to say the "appropriate" things and do the "deemed-right" acts all the time, he thinks veering off-path once in a while adds spice to monotony. I agree, most times, except when the "not-cool" people go judging and tsk-tsking. I don't know why that bothers me. It does. Probably because I slipped and fell on my head, when I was 3. :p


I also get nervous before we head out on short/long trips. I have sudden mini-panic attacks like "Who will water all the plants?" (That have been ignored largely, all their life, have gotten used to the fact that they will be watered only once a week and have managed to thrive in our house :), "What if a crisis come up at work and they need me?" (Let's see, the last time that happened was...never!), "What if something happens to the house?" (The "something" remains a vague blob in my head, undefined)...k says I am a homing pigeon. Maybe or maybe because I just don't like driving. Especially on long trips. Doesn't matter if am driving or am in the passenger seat. I prefer to take a flight with all it's inherent risks anytime.


So, between the "relaaaaaaaaax" and the "cool-k-doing-cool-things-that-uncool-people-don't-get-that-inturn-makes-me-nervous" (well, there's also the homing-pigeon-routine but grammar and scary images of my English teacher prevent me from sneaking that in :p), I think I am certainly losing it. But people often don't "get" this. I tell k all this and he gives me a concerned look and says, "Do you want to take up yoga?"



kamal said...

This is the funniest post ever ! :)

GG said...


ak said...

This is by far the funniest, most heart felt post ever... reminds me of an RS I knew a while back.. :)

about watering the plants - i have one idea - buy desert plants instead - you only to water them like..almost never... :D... hey! don't roll your eyes already... Relaaaaaaxx! :P:P:P:P

and K rocks! being PC all the time is dead boring machi! doing awkward things, especially amidst a PC crowd, is much more fun! you know why? The joke is actually on THEM and they don't know it! which makes it all the more funny!!!!! :))


sk said...


I wanted to say it was a very entertaining post, but looks like others have beaten ahead of me. :--)

You are crazy RS, just a woman ;--D

dinesh said...

You fell on the back of your head when you were 3 ? aahaaa ! That explains a lot of stuff !

Okay, I can only be so mean. I thought this post was very funny too ! And I hate the "relaaaaax dinesh" routine too ! The first face that comes to mind when I associate the word "relaaaax" is Kamal's for some reason. So I am guessing you have to put up with a lot of that. Also, I have learnt to use the "relaaax" weapon in offense too. When I want to irritate somebody real bad, then I do the slow and exaggerated "relaaaaax" and the look on their face usually tells me that I accomplished what I wanted. One more in the same vein...I hate it when somebody says something basic and follws it up with a "purunjudhaa?"....izhuthu sevul laye onnu podalaam nu thonum !

PH said...

being witness to all this, i exactly know what you are talking about. :)

do you want me to water your plants this week? :) ;)

e said...

Funny and intelligently so. Perfect!

RS said...

k - yes, am sure! :p

gg - :)

ak - "RS I knew a while back" is back :)

sk - true true :)

dins - long time since I saw a long comment from you :)

ph - thanks for watering them, looks like they did miss me :)

e - :)

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