March 23, 2006

A bed-time story anyone?

So, what do you do when you have a nice chunk of time in your hands and a restless imagination to match? You write a story, tell a tale, spin a yarn and that's what I did. I was even nice enough to break it into nice little chapters with matching titles :) So, go on, take a break, smell the flowers, make yourself a warm cup of cocoa and snuggle up on the couch...

**break** Sigh...somehow it doesn't sound the same as "snuggle up on the couch with a nice little book...but I'll try my best **break**

...with your nice little laptop, launch internet explorer, point to this page and relax.

Some day I want to be like the grandma in DDLJ surrounded by a bunch of kids, asking her to sing a song for them (she sings "Pyar kiya to darna kya" :), I suppose my grandkids and kids will ask me to tell them a story instead. I hope they do...and then I'll make up fanciful stories with kings and horses and beautiful maidens, scary stories with ghosts and witches, funny stories, sad stories...each day, I'll tell them a story and when they don't do their homework, their parents would tell them, "Hush, finish your homework now or grandma won't tell you a story tonight!"...and I would be sitting on my easy-chair (grandpa sits nearby with his nose buried in a financial magazine - just like now!), my silvery bun rolled high up on my head, fancy silver-framed spectacles perched high up on my nose, a twinkle in my still young eyes as I concoct yet another story to tell them...


Gayatri Gidwani said...

The image you painted of yourself as an old granny - reminds me of McGonagall for some reason...though I don't remember the silver hair part :p

An Idiot... said...

Oops...I remember my Grandma.....
But you dont have to become a granny to have kids surrounding you and listening to your could do that even now :-) [no offense here...tis a compliment]
And by the way I used to hate my GrandDad when he buries his nose into "The Hindu" sitting on a easy chair with a a big mug of coffee. Tell that to the furture grandfather :-)...(15-20 yrs before in a small village, Hindu was perceived no different than a financial magazine)


RS said...

Posting Subha's comment (her browser wouldn't let her :)

Don't forget the swing in the center of your house...:))Maybe you get to sit on the swing and your grandkids can sway you back and forth..:)

Saranya Kishore said...

Hey u know I read the story last night, all tucked up in a comforter, with my laptop. :)
Loved the story.
Enjoyed the writing more.
It is amazing how you can get into someone else's shoes and think like they do. I can never do that.

Prabhu said...

"Ramya paatti, Ramya paatti - kathai sollu paatti"
For some reason the Ramya doesnt seem to be sound right for a paatti's name.
How does Kamalam paatti sound?

Yet to read the story - thats because I cant get tucked up here @ work and there is no bed :)

Gayatri Gidwani said...

Who calls their grandmom by their name? I thought it's just supposed to be paati..or dadi or whatever the language prescribes as the word for grandma!!

Princess said...

I think your imaginations are too good as a grandma. Good one.

Kumari said...

Hmm the grandma pic reminds me of the Granny in 'Baby Lonney Toos' :D
Hey, you can still read stories to kids. Just contact your local B&N or Bordres store for their story-time :)

The story is damn sweet. I liked the narration style a lot. You handled the insecurities and disappointments of a new wife/mom-to-be, in an unknown soil quite adeptly. And I liked the 'not having driver's liense' part coz I am yet to get mine :D

I am looking fwd to "Granny Ramya's" Story Hour :)

RS said...

gg - Must be the high bun and the glasses perched on my nose :))

RB - Thanks :)I guess all guys get into that habit eventually :)

SS - I wish! That's life!

saranya - Thanks! I wondered how many people would read the story since its longer than my usual ones, thanks for reading it and the compliments :)

prabhu - summa excuse tharadha - illana mattum nee elathayum paduchiduvaya :)) ?

aiz... - Thanks! :)

kumari - thanks! My local fav bookstore is Joseph Beth, I wish they would meet for a writers group kinda thing like the one you go to!

When I came to US, I used to envy my seniors who could drive so casually, it was a big deal then :)

Thanks for patiently reading my story :)

Hellboy said...

took a while to complete reading this :)

well written and excellent narration. it was as if I saw the entire story unfold standing next to the protagonist.

so, have you figured how you are going to get these stories published yet:)

RS said...

hellboy - thanks :)

For now am blogging, publishing seems faaaaar, faaaaaaaaaar away for now :)

RTD2 said...

Hey Ramya...that was nicely narrated...It started out as something to keep me occupied as I drank my coffee, but I kept reading after the coffee was gone :)

RS said...

rtd2 - thanks :)

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