September 02, 2005

World, Women, PMJs and related issues of vital nonsense.

So, I've been doing a lot of deep thinking lately, actually, not really. I have been doing very little thinking of significance lately and those few thoughts have contributed to this eclectic post.

Firstly, what is the world coming to really (I mean for the female kind just in case you have lost context)? Yesterday P~ and I had a nice dinner at S~ and K~'s place and we were on our way up to see their new stereo system when I turned back towards the dining table on a sudden impulse. I noticed two dishes with tasty curd rice and grapes in one and paav bhaji in another and they were left open (uncovered) and I asked, "Shouldn't we first cover these dishes and put it in?"

That, in itself is bad. I don't want to become one of those dainty, preppy ladies with color coordinated dresses to match their home decor! You know the kind that say, "Ahem, Can you please leave your slippers out before you step in?"
(- Sure, they have mud cakes and assorted gooey mess sticking to the bottom, So, I will do just that. Also, should I also have a quick shower and then step into your heavenly abode?)

I don't mind being dainty but the rest is just not me :) Anyway, as soon as the words left my mouth, P~ moved involuntarily towards the dishes to cover them up. That's twice as bad. What has happened to the women of today? Modern, career women like P~ and I should not be moving involuntarily towards the kitchen at a guest's house to cover dishes, clean them, dry them with small, white hand towels with teddy bears on them :( To our credit, we both did drop a bit of icecream on to the carpet there (by mistake!) and did not really care much about it.

Another quirky incident was at a Thai place that we had gone to for lunch. The lady there knows us well (this is not to say that I do not cook at home - I do and I maintain that even if you do point out that she knows my first name (almost), city of birth, my fiance, the Company I work for...and such trivia about me). Anyway, a friend blurted out to her that I was going to India and all that and she immediately pointed to my pregnant colleague standing with me and then at me and said, "Ohhh, lamya (she has a problem with the r), next your turn, next year you come with baby girl to eat here, no?"

Now, that's a nice embarassing little conversation there. I grinned widely and pretended to have a mouth full of fortune cookie bits and then attempted a quick feminine giggle (that was a disaster but that's a whole new story there). So, anyway, since the lady at the Thai place has already started thinking of a baby girl in my family, I thought I should too.

So, I pinged k (on chat) and here's a quick transcript:

me: So, have you thought of a name yet?
k: uh huh (means he doesn't really care, normally).
me: I don't like the name Kamal much
k: yeah, me too (I doubted that was a sincere answer but he probably did not want to make me jittery before marriage and that folks is PMJ (pre-marital jitters.)
me: L~ says Kamalan sounds better, rounder (is that a word?)...
k: uh huh.
me: That'll be a nice knock knock joke!

-Knock, Knock
-Who's there?
-Kamal and who?

k: Bye (Quite frigidly, now that I think about it!)

Sagnik's headlines seems to be having a really adverse effect on my joke telling ability - many apologies, Sagnik! Anyway, around now, am supposed to be affected by the PMJ syndrome, so, kindly excuse me while I jitter about a bit for a day before I fly home :)


kamal said...

Why in the world would you edit my responses and replace them with dumb "uh huh" responses :) :)

Color co-ordinated clothes and linens, involuntary covering of dishes .. hmm ... thinking .. good only if there is no work for the man of the house. :) (sigh !)

Guy Tip: See what you have to put up with (dumbness on the www) to get the gal ! :)

Subha said...

totally funny..I was bursting with laughter in my cube. btw, baby K, I didn't know you had some other response than "uh huh"? So what was your original unedited response? You didn't respond to me on you can't escape the public forum..he he (evil forum).

BUS said...

Women !!!

Cant live with them ! Cant live without them!

Anonymous said...

I wish I were really not guilty of spilling ice-cream!


dinesh said...

Ha Ha,

The knock knock joke was funny. And as far as becoming one of those dainty, preppy have some work to do before you can get there :)

IBH said...

hey RS, I guess the dates are nearing rite?

All the best and have loads of fun!

Sriram C S said...

Hey RS - here's something for you after your marriage posts run out. You have been tagged!!

rajesh said...

Wish you all the best!Have a wonderful married life!

IBH said...

Hey RS, I think it is Sept 14...Have a wonderful married life!

Ram said...

Hi RS.. Congratulations..!! :-))

RTD2 said...

Hey Ramya...By now it must be Kamal and Ramya :) Congrats! Btw..when u get back and have the time, I tagged you!

RS said...

Thanks for the wishes y'all :)
Good to be back on vacation (seriously compared to my India trip, THIS is vacation)! Now, let me get back to some serious jet-lagging :)

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