October 27, 2011

Deepavali 2011

The Children's museum in Atlanta has become one of our favorite hang outs. r~ treats the place like her second home. Last weekend, v~, d~ & baby d~ had come to visit us and we took them to the children's museum, the kids had a blast. Every time I would ask them, "Ready for some playdough?" Two excited voices would reply, "Yes!", "Ready for the water table?" "Yes! Yes!", "Ready for painting?" "Yessss!" :)

After they left, I realized how much I missed the company of friends. K seemed to have missed people too for he talked non-stop initially and interrupted me several times to share anecdotes with them. Feel that bitter-sweet taste in my mouth now -- that I have good friends and had a good time last weekend but can't meet them again unless I drive 5.5 hours.

Yesterday, we went to the Swaminarayan Mandir here to celebrate what was left of Deepavali (Sitting at my desk watching the Facebook timeline fade with messages of Happy Deepavali is not my idea of "celebrating" Deepavali). When we parked there, I was...awestruck. Pretty much. I saw lanterns floating into the sky just like in Tangled. We got out of the van and just stood and watched for sometime as the red lit lanterns floated slowly into the sky...and in the background, the white marble temple changed colors. The water in front of the temple reflected the flickering lamps decorating the steps of the temple and the lanterns floating about. And on either sides of the water area and in front of the temple were a sea of people waiting for the fireworks and aarti to begin. The lively music and fireworks made my day feel almost like Deepavali.

We ate Indian food (also amidst a sea of people) in a tent after standing in a long snaking line. We sat on the grass and ate because every available single spot on the table and the chairs were taken up by desis or food! r~ had a blast.

(No, I didn't record this smart phone yet, Siri still being shipped!)

That's life for now...exploring the place because we left the people in a different place...


SK said...

I can see you are missing your old town a lot. I can totally understand. I moved after 6 years in a place where i had many friends and suddenly found myself in Bay Area where everyone already had their own gang. So many Indians but not many friends! I am still getting used to it, but slowly things will fall in place.

Happy Deepavali!

RS said...

Exactly...desis everywhere, all set in familiar circles of comfort and we are still looking around for which circle to fit into...

Inji said...

Hi RS,

I've been following your blog for a long time now, and commenting occasionally. I can understand that you feel blue about moving, but it is great that you have moved to ATL! I live in Atlanta :)
If you are interested, I would be happy to email you and share what I like about the city. I'm sure you will find your groove here soon. I can't find an email contact link on your blog, hence the public comment.


RS said...

Thanks Inji! Emailed you :)

Anonymous said...

5 years in seattle, am yet to settle in a gang like ours in Lex.

RS said...

@anon -- I think it has to do with friendships during college and then as a 'grown up' :)

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