March 04, 2010

Say Aaaa, Bbbb...

Pre-r (which is how I am going to call my pre-parent days), I used to notice one common characteristic among parents. Whenever they had their baby with them, they would try to convince the baby to do something fascinating like saying the alphabets or singing a song or even dancing a particular piece. It almost never worked. The kid would look shy and hide behind the parent or would just look blank and do nothing. I would excitedly wait for the kid to do its wonder but couldn't help wondering what made the parents want so desperately for the kid to perform. I believed them, that the kid can say its alphabets or sing a little jingle or tap dance; then why the attempts to coerce the unwilling kid to do that?

Now, I know. Of course, I know! When friends drop by, I try to not request r~ to do this or that but I can't help myself. She would have just recited her numbers with that steal-your-heart-away mazhalai or done the cutest little poonai-walking imitation and I am so proud/elated/excited that I want to show the world what a genius she is (which am sure is pretty much how a parent feels when their child says "Aaaa Bbbb Sheeee" the first time :-)

Anyway when we have company, we usually and predictably have a scene that goes something like this:

"Kannamma, poona epadi nadakkum kaami?"

"Aeh." That's how she refuses requests when she feels what is asked of her is beneath her level of accomplishments.

"Kanna, amma cake tharen poonai epadi nadakkum kaami?" I am now sitting in front of her at her eye-level which I have read is how you communicate effectively with kids. Bribing with cake was not mentioned but it works occasionally, so...


"Modalla poona madiri pannu."

"Caaaaaaaake." And now she makes her cute-whiny face. So, five minutes later after she has had cake or equally acceptable replacement, I try a different tactic.

"Kannu, 1-2?"


"Yes, yes. 1-2 Buckle?"




So, I give up and by now the guests are anyway bored and looking at the clock. The moment the door closes I hear,

"One-Too bucke mashoo, thee foa dooooor, fiiiive six pickupsti, shevem ate laaaay, naaan ten, heeeen."

And then "Cockadoo..."

I swear next time, am going to hide and record her and then just play the video when people drop by!


Anonymous said...

One thing I find fascinating is to record their growth. If you are not doing already... to watch those video file even a month later is fascinating.

Parth said...

I always get reminded of Russell Peters and his joke on the typical Asian parents asking their kids to show off skills when someone comes home :)

Does your daughter respond to both Tamil and Gujarati?

RS said...

anon -- I do record whenever I can...just haven't gotten around to organizing it yet!

Parth -- she understands both (and English!) although leans more towards Tamil :)

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