January 06, 2009

What's the deal with baby dresses?

I don't get it. Sometimes a onesie meant for a 3 month old is right for the baby and sometimes a nightdress meant for a 9 month old is tight! Mom says she always bought dresses which were double my size when I was a kid. So, I was always running around half-tripping on my own dresses!

These onesies below are both for a 12 month old baby; obviously the companies had very different ideas about how big a 12 month old baby should be!


Parth said...

Not all babies are born equally-sized :) I agree with your point though. Dealing with the same issue right now. Boy looks snug in one onesee and is tough to find in another!

Amrutha said... that is the actual issue. I was wondering how my dot, who looks so skinny already outgrew her onesie..

RS said...

Ok cool, so I am not the only one seeing things! :)

aseel said...

Did I give you the top (smaller) one? I am notorious for shrinking clothes :)

RS said...

Hey Aseel, nope these are brand new clothes that k bought!

Lyla said...

So sweet baby dresses!! I got similar kind of baby suites from Disney Shopping... Those are looking very cute!!

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